Palms and more palms! If there is one thing not in short supply at the thermal baths in the north of Bucharest, it is exotic plants. As superlatives go, Rumania’s newest leisure complex leaves nothing to be desired: Alongside its own palm oasis, the complex offers an enormous wave pool, several water slides, an event area for live music and entertainment, various saunas (including a cinema sauna), pool bars, restaurants, a planetarium and more. Another incidental fact: The complex also has Europe’s largest retractable glass roof.

Built over a thermal spring, approximately 1400 meters deep, the Therme Bucuresti is one of the continent’s largest spa and leisure pool complexes. The entire construction process, which was completed in early 2016, involved around 500 companies from 20 countries.

Such an impressive leisure complex requires an equally impressive sound system: One which, despite the toughest acoustic conditions, can accurately transmit audio signals – whether for important information and safety announcements, or for the constant replay of background music. For this, lead installers Avisonik GmbH from Engen decided on loudspeakers from fellow South German colleagues Fohhn Audio.

In the main “Galaxy” area, seven clusters of Arc-Series mid-high loudspeakers have been installed. Each cluster consists of two weatherproof AT-661w speakers, plus an AT-221w used as a downfill. The systems are suspended, using their relevant mounting brackets, from special ceiling constructions.

The centrepiece of this installation is a vertical, electronically steerable Focus Sub Array consisting of 14 AS-31 subwoofers. A special feature is the fact that, thanks to applied Beam Steering Technology and a cardioid arrangement, the bass energy from the array is not emitted onto the ceiling – where the bass level is 30 dB lower than on the floor. The advantage of this is reflected in a significantly quieter and more even sound.

Around the entrances and exits to the large water slides, two AT-09, four AT-201 and three AT-35 loudspeaker systems have been installed. All the various Arc-Series loudspeakers are driven by a total of 17 DSP amplifiers (nine D-4.1200 and eight D-4.750).

The separate spa and thermal areas of the complex have been equipped with Linea LX line source systems. Hidden among the palm trees are several loudspeaker clusters, each comprising four LX-220 systems, mounted on support columns. These provide subtle background music for the guests. Additional LX-100 systems near the restaurant area add some extra high frequency coverage.

We congratulate Avisonik, and all the other companies involved, on this impressive project!

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