It is one of the most frequently visited amusement parks in German-speaking countries, and according to the magazine “Amusement Today”, it is the best in the world: in 2018 and 2019, many of the attractions at Europapark Rust were equipped with Fohhn speaker systems.

LX-60 line source speakers and XS-10 subwoofers were installed in the bar area in the 4-star superior hotel “Bell Rock”. The recently constructed “Madame Freudenreich Curiosités” ride in the French themed area uses the AT-05 fullrange speaker for its sound system and the maglev train at the Europapark uses LX-10 compact speakers. At a chapel in the park, the LX-60 line source speakers ensure optimal voice clarity. Moreover, a theatre is now equipped with AT-10 fullrange speakers and XS-22 subwoofers.

All of the speakers are perfectly integrated into the aesthetic of the location and visitors will only usually notice them at a second glace, as they are each delivered with a housing in a suitably discreet colour.

We would like to congratulate everybody involved in these successful installations!

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