This edition, the iconic stage at Plaza de la Trinidad, in San Sebastian’s old town, was equipped with a Focus Venue rig. The stage hosted top artists like Diana Krall, Joshua Redman, Donny McCaslin Quintet, Maria Schneider, Charles McPherson Quartet, Houston Person Trio and Unspeakable Garbage.

The square is surrounded by steep walls and buildings, which generate strong reflections. Thanks to precise beam steering and the reduced sidelobes of Focus Venue, the impact of these reflecting areas was minimal.

The main PA consisted of one FV-100 high frequency module and two FV-200 low-mid modules per side. Six pieces PS-850 subwoofers were placed in a L-R cardioid configuration, and for downfill and outfill four PT-70 fullrange cardioid speakers were placed. The frontfill consisted of six pieces XT-10. For monitoring, twelve pieces of XM-4 stage monitors were provided. All passive speakers were fed by DI-Series amplifiers.

The feedback from mixing engineers, publicum and press were unanimous: the sound was clear, direct and powerful. The rigging team also highlighted the easiness and reduced time needed to set up the system, as it can be set up straight, with no angling needed.

Antonio Chico, who was responsible for FOH for the whole festival at Plaza de la Trinidad stage, quoted: “After using Focus Venue and its Beam Steering technology, I have the feeling that this is a game changer regarding system design and optimization, and that it will mark the future of the industry”.

Congratulation to everyone involved on this great festival!

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