In early November 2014 the brand new Cinema 8 Complex was opened in Schöftland, Switzerland. Restaurants, bars and a hotel can all be found under one roof alongside an open-air cinema and a total of four movie theatres of the highest acoustic standard. Hanno Ziesche of AudioSonic GmbH was responsible for the room acoustics as well as the conceptualization of the loudspeaker system. Each of the four cinemas was fitted with the Dolby Atmos system and is exclusively equipped with Fohhn loudspeaker systems.

130 Fohhn Linea LX-100 line source speakers were installed for optimum sound reinforcement and the best possible realisation of Dolby Atmos. Furthermore, 30 AT-50 speakers, 24 AT-35 speakers, 12 AS-40 subwoofers, six PS-9 subwoofers, 20 D-4.1200 amplifiers, more than 40 D-4.750 amplifiers and 44 CS-10 were integrated.

Dolby Atmos is an audio format that does not only rely on channel based audio, but rather on audio objects as well. This means that in Dolby Atmos each single sound – be it for example a helicopter, a scream, human noises or music – exists as an individual audio object free from channel restrictions. Consequently, an audio object can be placed and moved anywhere in the sound field – even to the ceiling of the auditorium. Thus, the audience experiences wrap-around sound in a three-dimensional space. The sound flies in perfect synchronicity with the picture around and above the audience, creating an immersive and realistic movie experience with amazing clarity, detail and depth. The sounds fill the entire theatre, the viewer is immersed in the movie. Dolby Atmos supports up to 128 independent, simultaneous audio objects and up to 64 separate loudspeaker signals in a mix of rich, realistic and stunning sound.

Congratulations to Hanno Ziesche on this great project!

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