The modern conference and presentation room in the Chinese city of Shenyang was recently equipped with the latest Beam Steering Technology and an immersive sound system from Fohhn. Two DLI-430 from the Focus series were used for the conference and event sound reinforcement. The 4.3-metre long line source speakers were integrated to the left and right of the LED wall and blend discreetly and inconspicuously into the architecture on account of their slim appearance and flat wall mounting. The two active XS-30 subwoofers are integrated into the projection screen. These subwoofers provide effective low end support down to a lower cut-off frequency of 35 Hz. With dimensions of approx. 14 m x 25 m, the room is acoustically demanding. Thanks to the length of the line source speakers and the integrated Fohhn Beam Steering Technology, the sound dispersion can be aimed directly at the audience. This produces a clear and precise sound pattern, with excellent speech intelligibility and full sound for music reproduction. A total of eight AT-10 full-range speakers mounted all around the room help to ensure an immersive sound experience during film recordings. XM-4 stage monitors support speakers and artists on stage. All passive speaker systems are powered by Fohhn DSP amplifiers.

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