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Maximilianeum, Munich (Germany)

The Maximilianeum is one of Munich’s best-known landmarks. Established by King Maximilian II as an urban monument, the building was completed in 1874. Since then, it has stood in splendour at the end of the similarly named Maximilianstrasse.

In 1949, the Bavarian State Parliament chose this “King’s favourite” as its new residence. In the intervening years, the Maximilianeum has been extended and modified several times to meet the requirements of a modern parliamentary building. Rooms that were completely destroyed during World War II have also been renovated. These include the vast 300 sq metre north gallery room which, following its reconstruction, was used as an assembly hall by the Bavarian Senate. This resulted in it becoming known as the “Senatssaal”. The name has remained despite the senate being disbanded following a referendum.

Today, these four historic walls mostly play host to non-parliamentary events such as presentations, discussions and conferences. In order for all participants to be clearly heard, two white Linea Focus LFi-450 electronically steerable line source speakers have been installed in the corners of the room next to the large Bavarian state emblem. The loudspeakers’ integrated Beam Steering technology ensures that audiences can be directly targeted, while unwanted reflections from windows and walls are minimized. The result: best possible sound quality and highest levels of speech intelligibility.

Two passive AS-31 high performance subwoofers provide additional low frequency reinforcement, powered by a D-2.1500 2-channel DSP amplifier. The compact amp can be effectively integrated into any network, easily monitored and remotely controlled.

We congratulate Jaggo Media GmbH on this successful installation.

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