Fohhn in Balancity, the Alps and the “Magic Box”

Germany, Switzerland and China opt for loudspeakers “Made in Germany”.

Under the motto “Better City, Better Life”, the Expo 2010 Universal World Exhibition took place in Shanghai, China. Several pavilions have been equipped with Fohhn’s premium-quality loudspeaker systems.

The German Pavilion was one of the largest and most popular pavilions on the Expo site, with visitors often facing a wait of up to five hours before gaining entry into the unique 6000 square metre “Balancity”. Inside the pavilion, Arc and X Series loudspeakers had been installed alongside Linea Series products, including AL-20, LX-100 and LX-150 speakers, in order to give the best possible results. Teamed with powerful subwoofers and digital amplifiers featuring state-of-the-art DSP technology, our systems delivered superb sound that had been perfectly adapted to the different acoustic conditions.

The Swiss Pavilion also proved highly popular, with visitors enjoying an impressive 3D cinema experience, followed by a chairlift ride up to the roof. Here they encountered an authentic and lifelike alpine atmosphere, delivered via a series of weatherproof AT-06 speakers that had been installed right around the area. This particular vantage point also gave the visitors a breathtaking view of Shanghai and the whole of the Expo site.

Inside the China State Grid Pavilion, the “Magic Box” was the main attraction, a cube with a 16 × 16 × 16 m dimension. Each of its walls was completely equipped with LED screens. Visitors were virtually located inside a 360° cinema in which floor, ceiling and walls simultaneously acted as projection screens. To sound these impressive visual happenings perfectly, Linea Focus LFI-120 and LFI-220 systems had been assembled. These speakers actuate sound directly to where the spectators are located. Moreover, they are extremely slim and therefore perfectly integrated into the architecture of the cube. Combined with two bass-arrays each consisting of eight XS-10 subs, they created a sonic experience that was totally authentic and harmonious. Despite demanding acoustic conditions, the audience experienced perfectly differentiated and directed sound, situated amidst a 3D sound cube.

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