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Düsseldorf University (Germany)

March 2016 has seen the opening of Düsseldorf Hochschule’s new Derendorf Campus. This development consists of seven buildings, including a library, lecture theatre complex, canteen and more. The campus will also be home to several faculties: Architecture, Design, Engineering and Process Technology, Media, Social and Cultural Sciences.

During the construction project, more than 20 lecture theatres in buildings 3, 4 and 5 have been equipped with Fohhn loudspeaker systems: Fohhn LFI-120 Beam Steering systems have been installed almost everywhere, along with additional LFI-220 systems and XS-22 active subwoofers. Both students and lecturers have been enjoying superb sound reproduction and optimal levels of speech intelligibility.

The sound systems were planned by Graner & Partners, along with Hartmann, Mathias and Partners. The installation was carried out by Funa GmbH, Ton & Technik Scheffe GmbH and BFE Studio and Media Systems GmbH.

Congratulations on this successful project

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