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The FR-21 enables the control of Fohhn Net devices with simple RS-232 commands. It can store up to 32 macros on the device, and each can be used for commands such as presets, volume, routing or standby. The macros can be triggered with simple strings via RS-232.
To configure the device with Fohhn Audio Soft, a Fohhn Net Adapter is required.

Main features

  • Input for RS-232 commands: 3-pole terminal, 9600 baud, galvanically isolated
  • Fohhn Net output (RJ-45), galvanically isolated


Technical data

Physical features

dimensions (w × h × d)
105 × 45 × 50 mm

Electronic features

power consumption
1 W
supply voltage
9 – 48 V

Interface options

Fohhn Net interface
RJ-45, galvanically isolated
RS-232 Interface
3-pin connector, 9600 Baud, galvanically isolated

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