Optimal speech clarity for a comfortable learning environment

Poor audio quality in lecture halls and teaching rooms can be irritating, disruptive and unappealing.

However, optimal speech clarity can be achieved with Fohhn line source speakers from the Linea and Focus series. The directivity of the column speakers ensures targeted, direct sound output to the listeners and minimises disruptive reflections. This also prevents a feedback effect with the microphone.

Thanks to the Fohhn Beam Steering Technology, the dispersion of the Focus products can be programmed via software with settings that are specifically designed for the space, without the need to adjust the position of the speakers. The slim speaker columns can be installed upright on the wall and therefore won’t look out of place among the displays and projection screens.

Fohhn subwoofers are the perfect low-end addition to the line source speakers in order to ensure excellent sound quality when playing music.

Furthermore, the products also feature various digital interfaces and are therefore perfectly suited for integration into media control systems and audio networks.

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