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In order to maintain trustful business relationships and achieve good communication in teams, it is important to understand each other. At Fohhn, we see ourselves as bridge builders and therefore set the highest standards for a natural and clear sound of your words anywhere in the world. That's why we started focusing on developing professional and cost-effective equipment for conference and meeting rooms several years ago. In doing so, we have applied our know-how from 28 years of pro audio and developed systems that can serve the versatile requirements in conference rooms and can be easily integrated into media control systems.

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Huddle Room

A budget friendly solution

A professional and active loudspeaker system manufactured in Germany and at the same time cost-effective? With Fohhn Hybrid-1 you get exactly that, equipping your meeting room with a sustainable, reliable and economical audio solution.

  • Natural and pleasant speech
  • Room-filling sound with authentic bass reproduction
  • Active solution - no amplifier necessary
  • Easy connection via cinch or clamp
  • Simple mounting on wall or ceiling (vertical or horizontal)
  • 1 × Hybrid-1 with WS-4

Invisibly integrated

The solution for media steles

Can you see the speakers? Our system is completely integrated into the media furniture and ensures optimal speech intelligibility for web conferences and video contributions through the fabric screen. You don't have a suitable media stele for your room yet? Find out more about our cooperation partner Holzmedia

  • No disturbance of the room architecture
  • Complete set incl. cable set
  • Cost-efficient solution made in Germany
  • Optimized for best speech intelligibility
  • 1 × MS-HM.01 or MS-HM.02

Scalable length

Left/right next to a screen

For slightly larger rooms and distances, a little more power is also necessary. The Fohhn Scale systems are 2-way speakers with additional Fohhn Sub Extension. This guarantees room-filling sound without the need for an additional subwoofer. If required, the speaker length can be adjusted to your screen with millimeter precision.

  • Integrated tweeter, woofer and Fohhn Sub Extension
  • Powerful bass reproduction down to 44 Hz
  • Length scalable enclosure
  • Strong price-performance ratio
  • 2 × Scale-1 or 2 × Scale-2
  • 1 × MA-4.100

Scale Configurator

Match the speakers to your screen!

With our online tool, you can configure our Media Scale systems in custom lengths for your screen. Simply select dimensions, colour and accessories.

Configure now

Audio + video

Under a screen

If you often hold online meetings in your conference room, you'll want to use a conference camera. You can easily insert one into the enclosure of our Scale-Bar and get a professional AV solution that conventional all-in-one devices can't compete with.

  • Various cameras can be used
  • Integrated tweeter, woofer and Fohhn Sub Extension
  • Powerful bass reproduction down to 44 Hz
  • Length scalable enclosure
  • Stereo system
  • 1 × Scale-Bar Cam or Scale-Bar
  • 1 × MA-4.100


Media walls and training rooms

The Fohhn product portfolio naturally offers numerous options for larger sound reinforcement solutions. If your larger training room also needs real power or the acoustics become more challenging, we recommend our renowned line source speakers in combination with a compact subwoofer.

  • Powerful sound reinforcement for conferences or music
  • Less reflections thanks to directivity of the line source speakers
  • Effortless sound reinforcement even at higher distances
  • Subwoofer usually fits into furniture
  • 2 × LX-60
  • 1 × AS-10
  • 1 × MA-4.600

Company canteen

Built into the ceiling

If there is no space for speakers either on the floor or on the wall, simply install our ceiling speakers. We provide a sound that is convincing despite the inconspicuous installation solution.

  • Visually inconspicuous
  • Easy to paint over
  • No disturbance of the room architecture
  • Flexible speaker placement
  • Reproduction down to 55 Hz
  • Up to 16 × IG-80
  • 1 × MA-4.100

A quick solution

The wireless variant

There may be rooms where you would only very rarely need a permanently installed sound system. In that case, it makes sense to have a quick and mobile solution at hand with perhaps Fohhn's best-known product - EasyPort.

  • Battery operated system without cable
  • Microphone radio receiver can be installed
  • Simple control on the device
  • Can be operated without prior knowledge
  • 1 × FP-22 modular (EasyPort)

More Emotion

With bass from above

Of course, the first priority in hybrid work is optimum speech intelligibility. But the low frequencies are responsible for the emotion of media sound and music. But a bulky subwoofer on the floor is undesirable? No problem with innovative Fohhn solutions for better integration.

  • Full playback of music and media sound
  • Full emotion
  • No speakers on the wall
  • No bulky subwoofer on the floor
  • 1 × IGS-4
  • 4 × IG-80
  • 1 × MA-4.100

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