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Tianhe Church, Guangzhou (China)

Opened in 2016, the Tianhe Church is one of the largest houses of worship in China. It offesrs a venue for worship and receptions, as well as other events. The church comprises a main worship area, a baptistery, a bell tower, an education centre and an administration building – with the entire complex occupying an area of almost 9500 sqm. The church’s external and internal architecture combines modern elements with traditional Chinese art.

Equally “modern” are the German audio and media systems used in the main worship area and baptistery: Fohhn’s distribution partner, Shoushan System Integration, has installed a number of loudspeakers from the Linea and Arc series. The systems deliver high levels of speech intelligibility for worship applications and first-class results when used for music reproduction. Their elegant, discreet design also enables them to blend perfectly with the building’s interior.

In the church’s main worship area, which accommodates around 2000 visitors, four white Linea LX-500 loudspeakers form the main PA system, ensuring even sound coverage at both ground level and in the gallery. These high-performance line source systems have been installed on either side of the stage area where, due to the room’s tall stained glass windows, they do not attract attention.

At the edge of the stage, four Arc AT-061 systems are used as nearfield speakers. On festive occasions, these passive two-way systems can be skilfully concealed behind floral arrangements. In contrast, four AS-40 subwoofers have been rendered permanently invisible by being integrated into the front of the stage. Four AT-05 systems have been installed directly under the gallery to act as delays.

In the Baptistery, four slender Linea AL-100 line source systems form the main sound system. These loudspeakers have been installed on either side of the window behind the walk-in font – adjacent to two large screens on which verses and song texts can be displayed.

All the loudspeaker systems are driven by multi-channel, Class D amplifiers (three each of Fohhn’s D-4.750 and D-2.1500 models). All systems are controllable via a central media system located in the church’s control room.

Congratulations to Shoushan System Integration on this highly impressive project!

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