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The Giovanni Zarrella Show, Berlin (Germany)

The Giovanni Zarrella Show was broadcasted live on TV for the fourth time on Saturday, 09 April 20222 and was a great success.
A total of four million viewers watched this show on their televisions. The music show lives mainly from the live performances of the many artists, who inspire the audience on site with their performance.
The world's most powerful modular beam steering system - Fohhn Focus Venue - was installed in the hall to provide the audience with sound. 

The arrays could be integrated so invisibly in the stage roof that they were completely invisible in the TV pictures. 
The coverage pattern was precisely adjusted to the live audience using Fohhn Beam Steering technology. 
The result: rich sound and enormous sound pressure levels in the audience - no background noise in the TV microphones.
On stage, our Fohhn XM-4s guaranteed clean and crystal-clear monitoring for artists like Michael Bublé.

For the second time, our loudspeakers ensured perfect sound quality for this show.
We would like to thank our partner B&R MEDIENTECHNIK for the realisation of this great project.

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