The Seedamm Plaza is regarded as “the place” for events and entertainment. A market leader in Switzerland, the hotel also ranks among the top ten European venues in its particular field, as well as having acquired a first-class international reputation. With its 4-star “Hotellerie Suisse” rating, the Seedamm Plaza offers facilities for a range of events including meetings, conferences and weddings, all of which are supported by state-of-the-art technology and equipment.

To ensure that the same high standard of loudspeaker technology is also available to visitors, Fohhn systems have been installed in several areas of the hotel. In the Lobby, which can accommodate up to 700 for an event, four LX-150 line source systems with an XS-30 subwoofer have been installed for use in presentations and for background sound reinforcement. In the Da Vinci Room, state-of-the-art audio-visual and networking technology is offered including two LX-150 systems, two LX-100 (for delays), XS-30 subs and Fohhn DSP amplifiers, together with the latest microphone technology from Sennheiser.

Two further rooms have each been equipped with a pair of LX-100 line source systems that can be teamed with an active sub as and when required. The lounge and bar areas feature AT-05 speakers with a sophisticated piano lacquer finish, while Linea AL-10 and AL-20 speakers have been installed in the restaurant. The hotel also has a mobile system that can be used for additional applications.

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