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Library hall, Regensburg (Germany)

Regensburg’s Adminstrative Court is situated in the heart of the city’s “Altstadt”, in a former patrician house dating from the late 13th century. In 1782, the city council allowed a 2-story library with wooden galleries to be implemented in the building’s north wing. This enabled the amalgamation of various town libraries into one main facility. Today the library is used as a court- and conference room.

Fohhn Linea Focus LFI-220 systems have been installed in the spacious room. The loudspeakers’ beam steering capability guarantees high quality reproduction of both speech and music during hearings, presentations and discussions. A special setting has been implemented that “bends” each speaker beam over the microphone enabling those seated behind it to still hear every detail. The LFI-220s have been wall mounted. Only two systems are actively employed, the other two are merely empty housings that have been installed to give a sense of visual symmetry to the room.

We congratulate Firma Digitech on this highly successful project.

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