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Hotel Pellas, Vella (Switzerland)

The Hotel Pellas in Vella in Val Lumnezia in the canton of Graubünden in Switzerland, which was renovated and reopened in 2018, has been equipped with Fohhn speakers from the Arc and Linea series.
The audio solution and audio connection had to be designed in such a way that everything from background music and TV broadcasts to evening celebrations could be switched only by preset at the touch of a button, and the loudspeakers also had to be able to withstand wind and weather in the outdoor area.

In the restaurant area, 6x AT-05 provide pleasant background sound, which is also suitable for live broadcasts such as ski competitions. The bar is equipped with 4x AT-061 and AS-10 subwoofers. For the outdoor area, 4x AT-07 with outdoor option in the form of a water-resistant protective coating were chosen to provide the restaurant terrace and snow bar with the appropriate sound. In the meeting room, reception, multi-purpose room, foyers and fumoir, a total of 7 IG-100 ceiling loudspeakers provide a pleasant sound.

Concept, planning and installation by Valenton and Sennheiser (Switzerland) AG.

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