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Dow Chemicals, Horgen (Switzerland)

Horgen, near Zurich, is home to the European administrative centre and several research facilities belonging to the US multinational chemical corporation The Dow Chemical Company. Around 600 staff work at four locations here.

Since 2018, the centre has had a new meeting room, with media technology planned and installed by Swiss company Supravision AG. The sound system includes two Fohhn Linea LX-150 line source systems and an Arc AS-22 subwoofer. A Fohhn D-4.750 digital amplifier is used to drive the loudspeakers.

The two white LX-150 systems, chosen on account of their slim design, appear visually unobtrusive next to the two projection screens. Despite the relatively large distance between both speakers, no centre speaker was considered necessary: the speakers’ wider horizontal beam angle provides optimal sound coverage, even for the front rows of seats. The narrow, vertical beam angle enhances the sound quality during conference calls, where voices from the room are transmitted via four Sennheiser ceiling microphones.

Congratulations to Supravision AG and our distributor Sennheiser Schweiz AG on this successful installation.

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