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City Church Alter Markt, Mönchengladbach (Germany)

Mönchengladbach’s City Church Alter Markt reopened in Autumn 2013 after a renovation programme lasting several years. While still functioning as a religious venue, the building is also used for cultural events, concerts, panel discussions, readings and other events alongside the regular services. During its renovation, the church’s sound system was completely replaced.

The City Church is now equipped with two Fohhn Linea Focus LFI-350 systems mounted on a special steel construction. During events, this construction also enables aisle seating to be separated from the altar area by use of a curtain. In the reverberant acoustics, the 3.5 metre long Fohhn line arrays guarantee clear transmission of the spoken word as well as powerful sound reproduction of orchestral and band concerts.

Andreas Jütten, Project Planner:
“Our greatest challenge was the choice of loudspeaker systems. Many factors needed to be taken into account: building preservation, the aesthetics of the re-design, performance capability and of course budget all had considerable influence on the outcome. Loudspeakers from various manufacturers were tested, however with regard to speech intelligibility and musicality, none were as convincing as Fohhn’s Linea Focus systems. Accessories for mounting and steering the system via network also needed to be considered, as well as the timeless, unobtrusive appearance of the speakers themselves. Even in these complex church surroundings with the unfavourable acoustic conditions, two 3.5 metre columns have proved more than adequate. The system can also be extended as required by adding two XS-30 active subwoofers.

For further enhancement, directional coverage was also recommended. The previous sound system was a classic ELA installation with 20 loudspeakers distributing sound throughout the room in an undefined manner. Now, the sound comes from the actual viewing direction of the audience. Speech reproduction is clear and effective, without sounding too harsh. Music reproduction benefits from both the location and the ability for complex sound structures to be purely reproduced and differentiated. Positive feedback has been received from both concert audiences and worshippers. The loudspeaker coverage is extremely even due to the beam settings. From its outset, this project has been professionally supported both by the manufacturer, Fohhn, and the system integrator Firma Teqsas from Hürth. Intensive cooperation and advice from both partners has led to successful results in every respect. The two Fohhn line arrays have more than surpassed our expectations of a modern sound system.”

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