At the start of September, Cologne’s E-Werk played host to a live event that could be described as spectacular for two reasons: Firstly, US star Anastacia presented her unique “Music loves Fashion” live fashion/rock show, introducing her brand new collection designed exclusively for Aldi Sud, while also rocking the venue. Secondly, it was the premiere of Fohhn’s brand new Focus Venue system – an occasion that delighted everyone due to the system’s excellent sound, perfect handling and powerful performance.

The main PA consisted of two Focus Venue arrays flown in a straight configuration: In contrast to conventional curved line arrays, no complex mechanical rigging or curving is necessary. The beam dispersion settings of these arrays can be made in real time, using Fohhn Audio Soft, adjusted to the room acoustic and precisely directed onto the audience areas.

The speaker systems are also equipped with the unique Convertible Dispersion Technology (CDT), which is registered as a utility model: Switching to cardioid mode via a single mouse click effectively suppresses any low-mid range rear sound emissions. Among Focus Venue’s many other innovations and strengths are the integrated, in-house developed high performance amplifiers, DSP processors and the digital networking technology, as well as the sophisticated speaker positioning, sound transmission systems and a top quality flying system. Further Fohhn innovations such as Two Beam Technology (for generating two separate beams per module) and Side Lobe Free Technology (for eliminating unwanted side lobes) round off an extensive range of options.

In E-Werk, B&R Medientechnik from Kürten installed an array on each side of the stage comprising two FV-100 high frequency modules and two FV-200 low-mid modules combined into one array. For side fills, compact, horn-loaded PT-70 systems were positioned on both sides of the stage. These passive 2-way loudspeakers also have Convertible Dispersion Technology and, like the Focus Venue systems, can be operated in cardioid mode. A powerful, dry bass sound was delivered by nine PS-9 active subwoofers. The 21" subs were set up as an endfired Focus Sub Array – their beam dispersion characteristics, like those of Fohhn Beam Steering systems, configured using Fohhn Audio Soft.

Congratulations to all participants on this spectacular show!

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