Rich and Portable Sound

Small setup – big presence

Who wants to hear thin, rumbling bass tones and screeching high notes? – That’s right: nobody!

A sound system from Fohhn guarantees an impressive sound that is always balanced and satisfying, even at high volumes. At the same time, the speakers offer incredible performance with a relatively compact size.

Be it for a trailer stage, a club, or a larger event venue – the mobile systems available from Fohhn offer first-class service in all scenarios. Thanks to the quality production, Fohhn products also promise a long service life.

For example, the tops and subs in our X Series were designed specifically for mobile use. You can choose between a passive system with our DSP digital amplifiers or a plug-and-play solution with active subs that also supply to the tops. Another popular option are our LX line source speakers that offer a sleek and sophisticated design as well as excellent directivity. For larger gigs, our Perform series opens up a new performance class.

We offer cleverly designed accessories for convenient transportation of our speakers: from protective cases to dollies, all made to measure.

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