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Linea Live Mini
The ultra-compact Linea Live Mini PA system has been specially developed to provide high quality, elegant yet unobtrusive sound reinforcement for small events. Perfect for small-scale live performances, AV presentations, boardroom meetings, TV and broadcast applications, small DJ set-ups, or as a compact speaker system for use with home keyboards, pianos etc.

The main advantages at a glance:

  • Developed in exactly the same way as a larger PA system.
  • Excellent reproduction of both speech and music.
  • Provides powerful, transparent sound over the entire frequency range.
  • Elegant, shapely design.
  • Ultra-compact dimensions.
  • Very low weight.
  • Minimal set-up time required. Plug-and-Play.
  • Highly reliable operation.

The Linea Live Mini system consists of:

LX-11 top:
Ultra-compact loudspeaker system with superior two-way, coaxial design, 4”/0.75” HF, 50W/200W peak. Neodymium drivers with integral crossover, plus self-resetting Intelligent Circuit protection (IPC) to prevent high frequency driver overload. Perfectly balanced dispersion characteristics, 100°x100°. Feedback resistant, even with Lavalier microphones. Outstanding speech intelligibility. Flat frequency response. Elegant aluminium housing. Weighs 1.4kgs only.

XS-10 active sub:
Compact active subwoofer equipped with state-of-the-art digital amplifier technology: 2 x 500W/1000W power and Fohhn DSPs. Special performance presets for LX-11. 2 x 6.5” neodymium long excursion speakers. Weighs 15 kgs only.

Linea Live Mini system:

1x X-Sub active XS-10
2-6x Linea LX-100

Links & Downloads:

System components:

Linea LX-11

Sub XS-10 active

Sub XSP-10

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