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Fohhn Linea LX-10 is a ultra-compact two-way loudspeaker designed for demanding fixed installations.

Nearfield speaker system 50W, 4”/0.75” drivers, coaxial speaker construction. Passive crossover with electronic Intelligent Protection Circuit (IPC). Outstanding reproduction of both speech and music. Feedback protection. Weatherproofed aluminium housing. 8-pole Phoenix connectors.

From distance to nearfield. High-quality sound is just as important for small rooms, short distance coverage and nearfield applications. Here we introduce our new ultra-compact, professional two-way coaxial loudspeakers – the LX-10 (designed for fixed installation use) and the LX-11 (for mobile applications). The loudspeakers are equipped with high-performance 4”/0.75” neodymium drivers and include a passive crossover with electronic Intelligent Protection Circuit (IPC). The design of their weatherproofed aluminium housing relates to that of the larger Fohhn LX-100/150 line arrays. Developed in the same way as larger PA systems, both the LX-10 and LX-11 produce perfectly balanced beam characteristics, a flat frequency response and outstanding reproduction of speech and music. Feedback protection means that a higher level of gain can be reached before feedback occurs.

Ideal for demanding nearfield applications such as front fill and stage monitor use, small conference rooms, restaurants, shops, surround sound and delay line applications, broadcast and TV monitoring, or for use under balconies and at small scale presentations.


electro-acoustical features  
acoustic design compact near field speaker system, 2-way coaxial
components [*] 1 x 4“ / 0,75" dome tweeter, with self-resetting IPC[*]-HF protection, fully neodym.
power rating (nominal) [1] 50 W
power rating (program) [2] 100 W
power rating (peak) [3] 200 W
sensitivity [4] 86 dB
maximum SPL [3] 109 dB
frequency range [5] 90 Hz - 20 kHz
nominal dispersion (h x v) [6] 100° x 100°
nominal impedance 16 ohms
enclosure Aluminium housing
protection grille ball impact resistant metal, powder coating
rigging points 2x M6 thread
connections 8-pin Phoenix terminal
standard colours black or white powder coating
front design metal grille in enclosure colour
dimensions (W x H x D) approx. 130 x 130 x 120 mm
wall bracket WAL-03, QLX-10, QLX-11
weight [7] approx. 1.4 kg
optional features  
integrated 100 V-transformer 10W/5W/2,5 W
optional colours[8] all RAL Classic colours, Fohhn Texture Design
weather resistance weatherproof
CAAD simulation data EASE
[1] according to IEC-60268-5 long term  
[2] according to IEC-60268-5 short term  
[3] Peak, 20 ms with bandpass filtered pink noise signal according to IEC 60268-2 at one octave above the lower limit of the frequency range.  
[4] 2,83 V at 8 ohms (2 V at 4 ohms, 4 V at 16 ohms) at a distance of 1 meter under anechoic fullspace conditions  
[5] -10 dB under anechoic halfspace-conditions  
[6] horizontal x vertical at -6 dB, averaged 1-4 kHz  
[7] net weight without optional equipment  
[8] other RAL colours or NCS available on request  
[*] Intelligent Protection Circuit. Voltage-controlled semiconductor circuit protecting the HF-driver against overload highly effective and with very short attack time.  


horizontal bracket for Linea LX-10


Wall bracket for AL-10/20, LX-10, LC-20 and LEN-20

Ultra-compact passive 2-way coaxial near-field speaker in weatherproof aluminium enclosure

Ultra-compact, passive 2-way coaxial near-field speaker in weatherproof aluminium enclosure, fully neodymium, equipped with a premium 4” long-excursion chassis and a 0,75” coaxial arranged calotte tweeters. Perfectly suited for demanding near-field-, front fill-, stage monitor-, Under Balcony-, Delay line- and surround applications, broadcast- and TV-monitoring, gastronomy, shops and small speech applications. The speaker is temporary able to work under up to 200 W and generates a maximum acoustic pressure of 110 dB. In a frequency range of 90 Hz to 20 kHz, the speaker has a wide and very constant dispersion of 100° x 100° (h x v). The nominal impedance is 16 ohms. Weatherproof, lightweight aluminium enclosure with rounded sides with powder coating. Standard clours are black and white. Optional available in all RAL Classic colours. For the protection of the speaker chassis and the electronics, the enclosure is equipped with a ball impact resistant, extremely sound-permeable front grille, which is made of powder-coated steel and equipped with a moisture- and dust repellent acoustic foam. The premium and complex crossover with an integrated electronic tweeter protection guarantees highest quality and operational reliability. Two pieces M6 thread applications in ground and upper side are integrated to the admission of system brackets. Connections: screw- and pluggable 8-pin Phoenix terminal, which is very easy to assemble. All contacts exist twice, to connect very easy and safe to the next speaker. Specific brackets to assemble the system on ceilings and walls are optionally available. Simulation data CAAD for EASE are available.

electro-acoustical features
acoustic design: compact, passive near-field speaker, 2-way coaxial
components: 1 x 4“ / 0.75” dome tweeter, fully neodymium, with active IPC-HF protection
power rating (nominal): 50 W
power rating (program): 100 W
power rating (peak): 200 W
sensitivity: 87 dB
maximum SPL: 110 dB
frequency range: 90 Hz – 20 kHz
nominal dispersion (h x v): 100° x 100°
nominal impedance: 16 ohms

enclosure: weatherproof aluminium enclosure
protection grille: ball impact resistant metal, powder coating
suspension points: 2x M6 thread
connectors: 8-pin Phoenix terminal (double-engaged, pluggable screw thread)
standard colours: black or white powder coating
front design: metal grill, powder coated deposited with acoustic foam
dimensions (W x H x D): approx. 130 x 130 x 120 mm
weight: approx. 1,4 kg

optional features
integrated 100 V-transformer: 10/5/2,5 W
optional colours: all RAL Classic colours, Fohhn Texture Design, other RAL colours or NCS available on request
weather resistance: standard

CAAD simulation data: EASE

Make: Fohhn Audio AG
Type: LX-10
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