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The next generation of Hybrid Line Array Systems
The Fohhn® Linea LX-601 passive, two-way line source speaker system has a power handing capability of 1000 W at 8 ohms, housing 6x 6.5-inch speakers and 4x 1-inch compression drivers with waveguide.

Fohhn® Linea LX-600/601 compact, high performance line array systems enable perfect transmission of speech, even in difficult acoustic conditions. The speakers’ tightly controlled sound dispersion characteristics mean that unwanted reflections from the ceiling or floor can be avoided, dramatically improving speech intelligibility. Complex microphone set-ups can also be used without any problems.

Each LX-600/601 passive, two-way line source speaker system has a power handing capability of 1000 W at 8 ohms, housing 6x 6.5-inch speakers and 4x 1-inch compression drivers with Fohhn® Waveguide. A 100° x 20° (H x V) dispersion ensures that sound is transmitted directly to the audience, while reverberations from the floor and ceiling are significantly reduced, thus improving both sound quality and speech intelligibility. Each speaker weighs in at just approx. 29 kg, offering a practical solution for use in a variety of performance situations.

Designed primarily for mobile applications, the LX-600 is fitted with an 8-pin Phoenix terminal. Its sleek design and elegant birch plywood (metal strengthened) housing is suitable to installation in a variety of modern and historic settings. Its mobile counterpart, the LX-601, has two Speakon sockets and includes integrated handles on the top and bottom. The speaker housing has an additional PU coating to help withstand the rigours of touring. Quick to set up, with easy tripod operation, the LX-601 provides an effective system with true line array qualities.

Both the LX-600/601 are fully compatible with the Fohhn system concept. The LX-600/601 can be effectively teamed with the XS-30, XS-4 or PS-9 active subwoofer, forming the essential components of Fohhn’s new Linea Live IV system. Linea LX-601 speakers are superbly manufactured and totally convincing with their elegant design and excellent sound quality. They are exclusively equipped with state-of-the-art neodymium loudspeakers. Their rounded, slim housing is made from top quality birch plywood that has been weatherproofed, strengthened with aluminium. All standard RAL colours are available on request. Accessories for tripod use or flying are also available, enhancing the speakers’ professional performance.

The optional VLX-600 flying adaptor allows LX-600/601 speakers to be quickly and securely mounted on a traverse, and optimally positioned. An optional ring eye enables rear attachment of a safety wire to comply with international regulations. Used with a tripod, the optional SA-8 enables the line array’s sound directionality to be precisely adjusted for optimum audience coverage. 8 x M6 and 2 x M8 threaded inserts are included for attachment to ring eyes and suspension points.

>Controlling Linea LX speakers<
We always integrate a sophisticated passive crossover with electronic high-frequency protection so you can operate the LX-600/601 with any professional amplifier. For maximum sound performance and operating reliability, we recommend our digital DSP amplifiers (e.g. D-2.1500). Its integrated DSP technology includes a number of factory loudspeaker presets. These guarantee total operating reliability and superb performance at any sound pressure level. Programmable audio tools, such as the 10-band parametric EQ, enable quick adjustments to suit the room acoustic and any related microphone set-ups. All DSP functions can be carried out remotely using a laptop.

>DSP technology<
Fohhn® DSP processor technology modulates the Linea LX-600/601 and Fohhn subwoofers perfectly. Digital Fohhn signal processors are integral components of active Fohhn subwoofers, Fohhn DSP amplifiers and Fohhn DSP controllers. DSP-controlled Fohhn devices can be controlled remotely from a central location in the room or on the stage via intuitive remote control units. Fohhn therefore offers a perfectly adapted sound system that fulfils all the requirements of a modern speaker system regarding design, sound quality and operating comfort in every respect.

Live Music Performance, DJ Events, Speech Applications, Rock Concerts, Conferences, Classical Music Events, Musicals, Performances in Tents, e.g. Festivals, Mobile Theatre, Productions, Worship, Church Concerts e.g.

>Optional versions<
All RAL colours.

2 Speakon sockets in parallel to loop through another speaker system.

>Fohhn® Hybrid Line Array technology<
Unique! High performance line array technology in a compact box!<

We have been developing and researching high-quality line array speakers for many years. Our objective is to incorporate the advantages of modular line array systems into compact systems that are easy to implement. The key to achieving these objectives was the development of a completely new system that reproduces live signals at high levels and combines all the advantages of a modular line array system. Designing the speakers in the shape of a column was the logical consequence. However, achieving maximum sound quality at high volumes with the new design required the use of powerful bassmid speakers combined with horn-loaded compression drivers. The use of a waveguide with directivity adapted specifically to the bass-mid array was an essential factor in achieving coherent dispersion at high frequencies.

Systems from the Fohhn Linea LX series have a hybrid design that is based on a combination of classic two-way speakers and modular line array, and incorporates the functional advantages of both principles. While on larger line arrays the compression driver, waveguide and horn are always arranged in front of one another, this configuration was not possible on the LX series due to the low depth. An extremely complex project with an overall duration of more than a year and a completely new approach to developing the Fohhn HWC (horn-loaded wavefront converter) were required to accommodate all three elements in the housing. In the HWC, a waveguide that produces a vertical, slightly curved cylindrical wave from the wave fronts of four individual 1“ drivers was integrated spatially in a horizontal constant directivity horn to maximise the useable sound pressure. The waveguide was the only element that allowed the development of such a narrow system design without requiring modifications that would affect the configuration or dynamics. From a mechanical perspective, the dimensions and the system weight were reduced to a minimum by using appropriate materials for the housing, magnet system and other components.

Linea LX: An overview of the main advantages

  • First-class sound with excellent dynamics
    Whether used for full-on live music and DJ events, or for demanding speech applications, Linea LX systems guarantee superb sound quality at any loudspeaker level.


  • Even sound distribution with Fohhn Hybrid Line Array Technology
    Compared with conventional systems, sound is distributed much more evenly throughout the room, with a pleasing effect at the front and clear, coherent sound right at the back.


  • Superb speech intelligibility
    Sound can be specifically targeted towards the audience, avoiding unwanted reflections from the ceiling or floor. For the listener, the result is clear and pleasant. Speech intelligibility is considerably improved.


  • Perfect integration into room architecture and stage designs
    The elegant designer speakers integrate extraordinarily well into their surroundings. They won‘t interfere with either stage designs or camera shots.


  • Disturbance-free listening
    Feedback is rarely an issue, even with complex microphone set-ups.


  • Easier transportation and quicker set-up
    Linea LX speakers are equipped with state-of-the-art, lightweight neodymium loudspeaker technology. Conveniently positioned handles ensure quick and safe set-up. The speakers’ compact dimensions reduce the amount of space needed for storage and transportation.


  • No need for expensive rigging or curving
    Compared with modular line array systems, no expensive flying mechanisms, rigging or curving are necessary. All the line array technology is integrated into a single housing, enabling quick and easy installation.


electro-acoustical features  
Akustik Design passive hybrid line source speaker system, 2-way
components 6x 6,5" long excursion chassis, attached compression chamber with phase board, 4x 1” compression drivers on Fohhn®-Waveguide with self-resetting IPC[*]-HF protection, fully neodymium
power rating (nominal) [1] 1000 W
power rating (program) [2] 2000 W
power rating (peak) [3] 4000 W
sensitivity [4] 101 dB
maximum SPL [3] 136 dB
frequency range [5] 75 Hz - 20 kHz
nominal dispersion (h x v) [6] 100° x 20°
nominal impedance 8 ohms
enclosure birch plywood designer cabinet, metal strengthened, aluminium
protection grille ball impact resistant metal, powder coating
rigging points 8x M6 and 2x M8 thread
connections 2x NL4 Neutrik Speakon
standard colours scratch-proof plastic coating, black
frontal design acoustic foam, same colour as enclosure
handles 2x integrated handles on top and bottom, 1x unscrewable handle on rear side
dimensions (W x H x D) approx. 195 x 1500 x 238 mm
weight [7] approx. 29 kg
optional features  
optional colours all RAL-colours  
weather protection scratch-proof plastic coating, impregnated speaker membranes
CAAD simulation data ULYSSES, EASE
[1] according to IEC-60268-5 long term  
[2] according to IEC-60268-5 short term  
[3] Peak, 20 ms with bandpass filtered pink noise signal according to IEC 60268-2 at one octave above the lower limit of the frequency range.  
[4] 2,83 V at 8 ohms (2 V at 4 ohms, 4 V at 16 ohms) at a distance of 1 meter under anechoic fullspace conditions  
[5] -10 dB under anechoic halfspace-conditions  
[6] horizontal x vertical at -6 dB  
[7] net weight without optional equipment  
[*] Intelligent Protection Circuit. Voltage-controlled semiconductor circuit protecting the HF-driver against overload highly effective and with very short attack time.  
The manufacturer reserves the right to make technical modifications according to legal regulations stipulating the continual improvement of product features.  


pivot reducing flange, 36mm dia for Linea LX-600/601, tilting angle continously adjustable of +3°/-10°, black, quickmount system with quick release pin.


Flying adapter for LX-600/601 incl. TV spigot (without clamp!), tilting angle adjustable of +3°/-10°, black, quickmount system with quick release pin.

DH-1 for VLX-600

Ceiling adapter for TV spigot.


wall bracket for LX-500/501/600/601. Black and white. Special colours to RAL, additional price.

Clamp LC-50

Clamp with 50 mm diameter (TV-spigot needed)


TV-spigot for Clamp LC-50 with 28 mm diameter and M10 female thread

High power line source speaker in passive 2-way design

High power line source speaker in passive 2-way construction design in resonance-optimized multiplex housing, equipped with 6 premium long-stroke 6,5“-drivers and four 1“-drivers on one special cylindrical Waveguide with horn function. Because of the application of neodymium chassis and an aluminium enclosure, the speaker remains light with only 29 kg. Perfectly suited for dynamic speech- and music transmissions in rooms with demanding acoustics, long reverberation times and challenging architecture. Especially optimized for mobile applications with two handholds for an easy transport. The speaker is temporary able to work under 4000 W and generates acoustic pressure of maximal 136 dB. In a frequency range of 75 Hz to 20 kHz, the speaker has a precise and minimal-phase dispersion of 100° x 20° (h x v). Slim and inconspicuous design enclosure with less resonance in black scratch-proof polyurethane coating. Optional available in all RAL-colours. For the protection of the speaker chassis and the electronics, the enclosure is equipped with a ball impact resistant, extremely sound-permeable front grille, which is made of powder-coated steel and equipped with a moisture- and dust repellent acoustic foam. The premium and complex crossover with an integrated electronic tweeter protection guarantees highest quality and operational reliability. Eight pieces M6 and two pieces M8 thread applications in ground, upper and rear side are integrated to the admission of system brackets. Connections: 2x Neutrik NL4 Speakon to connect very easy and safe to the next speaker. Specific brackets to assemble the system on ceilings, walls and traverses are optionally available. Simulation data CAAD for EASE are available.

electro-acoustical features
acoustic design: passive, hybrid 2-way line source speaker
components: 6x 6,5“ long stroke chassis, attached compression chamber with phase board, 4x 1“ compression drivers on horn loaded Fohhn® - Waveguide, with self-resetting Polyswitch-HF protection, fully neodymium
power rating (nominal): 1000 W
power rating (program): 2000 W
power rating (peak): 4000 W
nominal SPL: 101 dB
maximum SPL: 136 dB
frequency range: 75 Hz - 20 kHz
nominal dispersion (h x v): 110° x 20°
nominal impedance: 8 ohms

enclosure: multiplex birch wood, aluminium
protection grille: ball impact resistant metal, powder coated
suspension points: 8x M6 and 2x M8 thread
connections: 2x NL4 Neutrik Speakon
standard colours: black polyurethane coating
front design: powder coated metal grille, acoustic foam in enclosure colour
handholds: on ground and upper side dimensions (W x H x D): approx. 195 x 1500 x 238 mm
weight: approx. 29 kg

optional features
optional colours: all RAL-colours
weather resistance: membrane impregnation

CAAD simulation data: EASE

make: Fohhn Audio AG
type: LX-601
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