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Over the last 25 years, Fohhn has specialised in the development, manufacture and distribution of professional speaker systems for mobile sound applications and fixed installations. Permanent orientation around the needs of our customers forms the basis of our work here.

The Fohhn range of products are regarded as problem-solvers by their respective users. Even the company slogan "Sound perfect. Is perfect." originates from this philosophy. At Fohhn, the loudspeaker system is viewed as a component of a larger electronic system operated by personnel. All aspects regarding functionality and sound, operation, safety, reliability and design therefore play an important role in development.

Areas of application

  • Research and development - e.g. special directional speakers
  • Production - exclusively in Germany, delivered on time
  • Distribution - worldwide via importers, dealers, fitters and sound companies
  • Acoustic planning - planning support for Fohhn partners
  • Offers of training and further training for Fohhn partners

Employees / Core expertise
The employees at Fohhn AG are characterised by their expertise, qualified training, above-average motivation and an extraordinary team spirit. The staff use their wealth of ideas and creativity to make suggestions for improvement and ensure constant development of products and working procedures.

Place your trust in 25 years of experience and reliability.
All Fohhn loudspeaker systems are exclusively manufactured in Germany. Precision measuring and quality assurance procedures ensure consistently high quality standards. Here, each individual system undergoes a strict electronic, acoustic and visual quality control procedure.

We have consistently refined, extended and developed our systems into a single innovative system concept to provide you with the best possible solution for all your sound projects - the “Fohhn Audio System”

Innovative technology - German quality engineered and made by Fohhn®.

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