The Fohhn System.

A perfect combination of innovative technology and personal consultation.

Requirements for modern sound installations with regard to sound quality, reliability, design, operating comfort and capacity for integration in the room architecture are very demanding. Only a sophisticated holistic audio system can fulfil all of these requirements – a system that can be used for many different applications even though all components are adapted to operate in perfect harmony with one another.

We always think one step ahead and over the years, have continually developed our range of speakers, amplifiers and DSP and control technology while expanding our capacity to provide expert consultation and planning advice. Our planning engineers work in close proximity with you to develop the perfect sound concept and provide expertise in system simulation and calibration.

Helping you to create the perfect sound - every step of the way. And that’s a promise.

The Fohhn System, the complete audio solution.

  • Maximum reliability.
  • Excellent quality of workmanship.
  • Excellent design.
  • Flexibility and compatibility.
  • Simple operation.
  • Balanced sound at all volume levels.

These are all standard requirements for a modern sound system. The Fohhn system was developed and systematically refined by our sound experts using perfectly adapted components that are unbeatable when combined in a system.

The System Concept

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