FR-21 Fohhn-Net Remote


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The FR-21 enables you to remotely control Fohhn-Net devices using simple RS-232 commands. Up to 32 Macros can be implemented on the unit. Each Macro can accommodate Fohhn-Net commands relating to preset loading, volume levels, routing or standby functionality. The Macros are triggered via RS-232 protocol using simple strings.

A control device with RS-232 port that is able to send user configurable strings (e.g. a media control system). For configuration, Fohhn Audio Soft 4.0 or later is required, along with a Fohhn-Net adapter (e.g. NA-11 Fohhn-Net USB Adapter). The FR-21 must be configured via its Fohhn-Net port.

RS-232 Interface 3-pin connector, 9600 Baud, galvanically isolated
Fohhn-Net Interface RJ-45, galvanically isolated
Power supply voltage 9.. 48V
Power consumption 1W
Dimensions (B x H x T) 105 x 45 x 50 mm

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