FR-20 Fohhn-Net Remote


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FR-20 is a 19” remote control device with 1U.
You can connect up to eight custom push button switches or switches to change presets, volume, mute, routing or standby in multiple Fohhn-Net devices like controllers, amplifiers or active speakers. The FR-20 includes a Fohhn-Net USB interface for a direct connection of a computer with a USB cable. FR-20 is easy to configure with Fohhn-Net remote control software.

The FR-20 is ideal for training rooms, hotels, churches, halls, restaurants, clubs, bars and many other venues. For simple, reliable remote operation of your audio system without having to install complex, expensive media control systems.


Fohhn-Net Remote Control Software

The wall panel FR-10 and remote control FR-20 are easy to configure with the intuitive Fohhn-Net Remote software and optional NA-1 USB adapter.

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