PS-4 Sub


The Fohhn® PS-4 is a high-power subwoofer system with 3000 W on 8 ohms, equipped with a 18“ high-power sub low loudspeaker with 4” voice coil and an extremely heavy-duty Neodymium engine. The PS-4 is used to supplement the headroom for PT-9 elements as subwoofer system. Weighs only approx. 61,5 kg.


electro-acoustical features  
acoustic design vented subwoofer enclosure
frequency response 42 Hz – 250 Hz, (- 3 dB power)
handling capacity 1500 W IEC norm 268-5 (43,0 dBu)
impedance 8 ohms
recommended input power 1500 – 3000 W into 8 ohms
dispersion omnidirectional
sensitivity 96,5 dB (1W / 1m)
peak SPL (1m) single enclosure > 132 dB
components 1x 18“ N/Dym sub low loudspeaker, extended linear excursion, water-resistant
power rating (nominal) [1]  
power rating (program) [2] 3000 W (46,0 dBu)
power rating (peak) [3] 6000 W
enclosure multi-layered ply 18mm enclosure
standard colour scratch-resistant polyurethan coating, black
protection grille ball-resistant metal, powder coated finish
frontal design acoustic foam in enclosure colour
weight approx. 61,5 kg
dimensions (W x H x D) housing without handles/ flyware approx. 600/498 x 672 x 590 mm
overall dimensions (W x H x D) approx. 634/498 x 672 x 647 mm

PT-9 WaveLine

High output line array module, 2-way twin-coaxial, fully horn-loaded 2x 10“ neodymium, 3“ coil, 1x 2“ neodymium driver with HF phase EQ, Impedance: 8 ohms, weight approx. 49 kg


Cradle according to BGV C1 for Perform WaveLine. Fohhn® WaveLinesystem's rigging mechanics together with the flying-cradle are certified according to Germans BGV-C1 and DIN 18800. An analysis of strength can be achieved by a free-of-charge software (Fohhn's Flying Calculator) which shows easily the legality of your rigging job.


Cradle according to BGV C1 for Perform WaveLine. The stack-cradle together with the attached outriggers enable the mounting of up to 6 WaveLine elements as ground-stacking. The frame of the stack-cradle fits to Fohhn's subs PS-7, RS-4, XS-4 and enables a secure mounting of 3 WaveLine elements.

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