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Perfect sound and simple operation.

The Fohhn® WaveLine line array is a complete system consisting of perfectly developed speakers and specially adapted amplifiers and control technology. The Perform WaveLine is a completely symmetric line array that is capable of generating virtually identical acoustic sound patterns on the right and left and can be aligned accurately and symmetrically. The PT-9 operates with two of the most powerful 10” speakers (neodymium) currently on offer, which are positioned symmetrically so that the horn produces a dispersion angle of approximately 110° (twin coaxial). There is a diffraction gap between the two 10” speakers that separates the two bass reflex chambers with help from the multi-channel phase EQ. The spherical sound wave dispersed by the 2” tweeters is converted into a coherent wave front by the time delay in the multi channel phase EQ. The wave then exits the diffraction gap to produce a cylindrical wave across the entire frequency range. The 4” voice coils on the 2” high-frequency driver can produce a relatively deep crossover frequency (approx. 650 Hz), whereby the acoustic performance is drastically increased, preventing load dumps from 10” speakers at approx. 900 Hz.

We recommend using the Fohhn subwoofer system PS-9 active XS-4 and XS-4 passive to maximise system performance for live music events. Fohhn® DSP processor technology modulates the WaveLine Compact and Fohhn subwoofers perfectly. Digital Fohhn signal processors are integral components of active Fohhn subwoofers, Fohhn DSP amplifiers and Fohhn DSP controllers. DSP-controlled Fohhn devices can be controlled remotely from a central location in the room or on the stage via intuitive remote control units. Fohhn therefore offers a perfectly adapted sound system that fulfils all the requirements of a modern speaker system regarding design, sound quality and operating comfort in every respect.

>Optimal Planning. Perfect Realisation.<
Fohhn recommends EASE Focus Aiming Software by SDA (Software Design Ahnert GmbH) for simulating and measuring acoustic configurations. This two-dimensional acoustic simulation software realistically configures and arranges line arrays.The program, product-specific system file (Fohhn-WaveLine.efo) and the load evaluator (flying calculator) can be downloaded free of charge.

venues, opera, conference halls, theatres, churches, etc.


Type 2-way fullrange twin-coaxial line array system, bass reflex / horn-loaded
Frequency range 80 Hz – 18 kHz, +/- 3 dB
Power rating LMF 500 W, HF 120 W IEC Norm 268-5
Impedance LMF 8 ohms , HF 8 ohms
Recommended amplifier output: LMF 750 – 1500 W at 8 ohms, HF 200 – 480 W at 8 ohms
Dispersion horizontal 110°; vertical 0°–10° (depends on array setting – adjustable in 1° increments)
Sensitivity LMF 100dB (1 W / 1 m), HF 110 dB (1 W / 1 m)
Peak SPL (1m) individual System > 130 dB
Components 2x 10” ND, 3“ voice coil, water-resistant membrane; 1x 2” ND driver with 4” voice coil, WaveLine HF phase EQ
Connector 2x NL4MP Neutrik Speakon (+1/-1 for 10” speakers, +2/-2 for 2” driver)
Rigging/Fittings flying fixture integrated in housing; 2 recessed side handles; 2 front aluminium handles
Housing material multiply birch wood, 15 mm, aluminium cover and 4 mm base plate
Paint extremely wear-resistant textured paint, water-based Electro-galvanised powder coating, RAL9005 black; special colours from RAL colour palette available on request
Dimensions (H x W x D) housing without handles/flying fixture approx. 300/200 x 672 x 590 (mm) dimensions including all fixtures: approx. 332/200 x 672 x 647 (mm)
Weight WaveLine component: approx. 49 kg, flying cradle: approx. 38.6 kg, stack cradle: approx. 24 kg (frame approx. 12 kg, outrigger: 2x approx. 6 kg)
Subwoofer Fohhn PS-9, XS-4
Optional accessories Flying-cradle, Stack-cradle, Touring-Cases, Software
The manufacturer reserves the right to make technical modifications according to legal regulations stipulating the continual improvement of product features.  


Cradle according to BGV C1 for Perform WaveLine. Fohhn® WaveLinesystem's rigging mechanics together with the flying-cradle are certified according to Germans BGV-C1 and DIN 18800. An analysis of strength can be achieved by a free-of-charge software (Fohhn's Flying Calculator) which shows easily the legality of your rigging job.


Cradle according to BGV C1 for Perform WaveLine. The stack-cradle together with the attached outriggers enable the mounting of up to 6 WaveLine elements as ground-stacking. The frame of the stack-cradle fits to Fohhn's subs PS-7, RS-4, XS-4 and enables a secure mounting of 3 WaveLine elements.

Simulation Software EASE Focus

For simulation and calculating of acoustical configurations Fohhn® provides the EASE Focus Aiming Software from SDA (Software Design Ahnert GmbH). The EASE Focus Aiming Software is a two-dimensional acoustic simulation software that serves for the confi guration and modelling of Line-Arrays close to reality. Ease Focus and the specific product file (Fohhn-WaveLine.efo) together with Fohhn's Flying Calculator are available as free download under

Flying Calculator

Belastungsanalyse für geflogene WaveLine PT-9 Elemente.

High Power Line Array Module

High power line Array module, equipped with two 10“ low/mid neodymium driver and one 2“ high frequency neodymium driver.This compression driver with a 4“ voice coil uses a special designed WaveLine HF-Phase-EQ waveguide. Both driver units are connected to separate amplifier channels, avoiding passive crossover components for maximum efficiency. A symmetrical construction guarantees a very smooth and symmetrical horizontal coverage pattern of 110°. One module produces a maximum sound pressure level more than 130 dB in a frequency range of 80 Hz to 18 kHz. Very robust multyply birch plywood housing strengthened with metal brackets for fulfillment of all safety regulations and aluminium top and bottom for a minimum distance between two speaker elements. Highly scratch proof textured black lacquer and black frontal acoustic foam. Optionally all RAL-colours, flying cradle, stacking cradle and touring cases available. Simulation data for simulation program EASE focus available.

electro-acoustical features
acoustic design: 2-way fullrange twin-coaxial Line-Array system, bassreflex/hornloaded
system components: 2x 10” ND, 3“ voice coil, waterprotected membrane; 1x 2” ND compression driver with 4“ voice coil, WaveLine HF-Phase-EQ
power rating: LMF 500 W, HF 120 W (IEC standard 268-5)
recommended amplifier power: LMF 750 – 1500 W at 8 ohms, HF 200 – 480 W at 8 ohms
nominal SPL: LMF 100dB (1 W / 1 m), HF 110 dB (1 W / 1 m)
maximum SPL: single module > 130 dB (1m)
frequency range: 80 Hz – 18 kHz, +/- 3 dB
nominal dispersion: horizontal 110°; vertical 0°–10° (depends on Array-adjustment – adjustable in 1°-steps)
nominal impedance: LMF 8 ohms, HF 8 ohms

enclosure: multiply birch plywood 15mm, aluminium top and bottom 4mm
protection grill: ball impact-resistant protection steel grill, powder-coated
rigging, fittings: flyware integrated in enclosure, 2 handles at side panel section, 2 frontal aluminium handles
connections: 2x Neutrik NL4 speakon (+1/-1 LMF-section, +2/-2 HF-section)
standard colours: highly scratch proof textured lacquer, powder coating, galvanized metal parts, black (according to RAL9005)
frontal design: acoustic foam, same colour like enclosure
dimensions (H x W x D): enclosure without handles/flyware: approx. 300/200 x 672 x 590 mm; total dimensions: approx. 332/200 x 672 x 647 mm
weight: approx. 49 kg

optional features
optional colours: all RAL-colours
accessories: flying cradle, stacking cradle, touring cases

CAAD simulation data: EASE Focus

make: Fohhn Audio AG
type: PT-9 WaveLine
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