Xperience III with XT-33 (power system)

Xperience III

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Xperience III (power system)

(2x XT-33 Top + 1x XS-30 Sub + 1x XSP-3 Sub)

Active subwoofer XS-30
The new XS-30 active subwoofer with 1,500 W is even more powerful than its predecessor. The XS-30 can also power a passive XSP-3 Sub.At 29 kg the XS-30 is the lightest Sub in its class and is equipped with the following components:

  • Digital amplifiers (CLASS D, 1,500W): latest technology, extremely efficient, low weight, outstanding impulse characteristics, transparent sound
  • Two digital stereo signal processors (Fohhn Audio DSPs): perfect sound at all levels, maximum operating reliability, room presets, integral audio equipment such as EQ, delay, signal processor
  • 15" long excursion speaker: state-of-the-art neodymium technology, extremely powerful for a full, deep sound


Top XT-33
The XT-33 is a high-quality 12"/1" CD speaker system with outstanding processing quality, maximum flexibility, good handling and excellent sound capability. It is also fitted with the latest Neodymium chassis and weighs only 18kg.

The XT-33 is well suited to full-range speech and music applications. The compact speaker also produces outstanding sound when used in a system with subwoofers (XS-4 active sub, XSP-3, RS-4). The asymmetrical shape of the housing with 55° bracket also allows you to use the XT-33 as a powerful stage monitor system.

We always integrate a sophisticated passive crossover with electronic high-frequency protection so you can operate the XT-33 with any professional amplifier. For maximum sound performance and operating reliability, we recommend our digital DSP amplifiers (e.g. D- 2.750).

For flown applications, the VXT-3 retaining bracket and the integral ring lug allow you to attach the XT-33 quickly and securely in accordance with BGV-C1 regulations. Even when a speaker stand is used, the retaining bracket makes sure the speaker is directed perfectly towards the audience, guaranteeing maximum sound quality.

2 recessed handles and minimum weight make the speaker extremely easy to transport. The housings are manufactured from quality multiplex birch wood and coated with a hard-wearing composite textured varnish. The XT-33 is also available with a weatherproof plastic coating on request.

Xperience III (power system):  
1x X-Sub active XS-30
1x X-Sub passive XSP-3
2x X-Top passive XT-33

NA-11 Fohhn-Net USB Adapter

NA-11 Fohhn-Net USB adapter. Extensionable with XLR microphone cable. Aluminium housing and adapter cable.

Fohhn Audio Soft

Easy, convenient handling. Laptop and Fohhn Audio Software for intuitive control and monitoring of all connected Fohhn audio devices with integrated DSP. Clear graphical user interface for rapid access to the speaker database, status display and all audio devices integrated in the Fohhn DSP.

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