Xperience I with XT-10 (power system)

Xperience I

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Xperience I (power system)

(2-4x XT-10 Tops + 1x XS-10 Sub + 1x XSP-10 Sub)

Self-powered subwoofer XS-10, powers 2 - 4 passive tops XT-10 and one passive subwoofer XSP-10.

Sub XS-10 state-of-the-art technology integrated
Self-powered 2x6"-subwoofer, digital Class-D amplifier, 2 x 500 W/4 ohm and 2 stereo-signal-processors integrated. Very compact dimensions and extremely light weight (only 12 kg).

Impressive sound quality
High-quality components and multi-band-processing (sub/mid/high) producing an extremely clear dynamic sound and maximum reliability.

Top XT-10
Ultra compact high-quality 10"/1" CD speaker, 8 ohms. Time-aligned speaker design, linear frequency response. Integral crossover with electronic driver protection. Outstanding speech intelligibility.

High flexibility
Use of XT-10 with self-powered sub XS-10 or with any professional amplifier. Fullrange use on a speaker stand, as a floor monitor or in flown application with bracket VXT-10.

Elegant design
The elegant wooden housing made of high-quality multiply birchwood is available in all RAL-colours. The XT-10 blends effortlessly into its surroundings.

Total simplicity in handling
Set up, plug-in and let the event begin. Speakers, amp and processors are tuned perfectly.

Xperience I (power system):  
1x X-Sub active XS-10
1x X-Sub passive XSP-10
2-4x X-Top passive XT-10

NA-11 Fohhn-Net USB Adapter

NA-11 Fohhn-Net USB adapter. Extensionable with XLR microphone cable. Aluminium housing and adapter cable.

Fohhn Audio Soft

Easy, convenient handling. Laptop and Fohhn Audio Software for intuitive control and monitoring of all connected Fohhn audio devices with integrated DSP. Clear graphical user interface for rapid access to the speaker database, status display and all audio devices integrated in the Fohhn DSP.

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