XS-4 active

X-Sub active

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Enceinte Sub-basses compacte 1x 18“; amplifiée, 2x 1500W. Sorties pour raccordement d’autres enceintes passives. DSP, télécommande et Fohhn-net. Roulettes externes intégrées. env. L: 590 x H: 600 x P: 680 mm; env. 39 kg.

The self-powered subwoofer XS-4 – it is the lightest in it's class.
Extremely powerful 18“ subwoofer, state-of-the-art Neodym technology, extremely lightweight as a result and at only 39kg, as lightweight as a conventional 15“ subwoofer. Integral 1500W CLASS D digital amplifier and Fohhn Audio DSPs. The active Sub can be combined with all Fohhn Top speakers.A corresponding preset is available for each Top. Access to the Fohhn Audio DSP functions such as presets, equalisers etc. via a user-friendly 4-line display direct on the active Sub or via a remote control/laptop. Software is included. Transport cover with wheels is also available to protect the electronics system. Recessed transport handles allow for extremely good handling. Outstanding manufacturing quality „Made in Germany“.

Equipment features of XS-4

  • 18“ long excursion speaker
  • • Digital class D stereo amplifier (1500W) and 2 integral DSPs

  • • 2 ergonomic, deep-set handles

  • • wheel board (electrical system protected during transport)

  • • 20mm flange for spacer

  • • Sliding feeds on base and side

  • • Resistant black paintwork


Fohhn® Mains Control – the integrated mains supply monitoring system
During use, the supply to the amplifier is constantly monitored. If at any time it exceeds the maximum permitted range (180-255 VAC), the supply will be interrupted. During power up it also minimizes the input surge current by switching on at the mains voltage zero crossing.

Top speakers: all models of Fohhn Top can be used in combination with the self-powered sub XS-4
i.e. Xperience Top speakers such as the XT-1, XT-2 or XT-3ND. This also includes the new XT-33 (12“/1“CD, 500W), XT-4 (12“/1,4“CD, 500W) and the XT-5 (15“/1,4“ CD, 600W) Tops. Even speakers from the RoadLine and Perform series and EasySat series can be used in combination with the active XS-4 without a second thought. A perfectly adapted preset is available for each speaker type. This preset can be activated quickly and easily at the press of a button. The speaker is protected by complex 3-band processing for bass/mid and high frequencies.

More lightweight and powerful thanks to state-of-the-art Neodym technology.
The XS-4 active bass and the new XT-33, XT-4 and XT-5 Top speakers are fully equipped with the latest Neodym speakers and are therefore extremely lightweight. The most impressive aspect of the speakers is that all housings are manufactured from high quality multiplex beech wood and not plastic. The clear reduction in weight compared to conventional systems results from the use of state-of-the-art digital technology and Neodym speakers.Users also benefit from a reduction in weight and transport space because they no longer need to transport extra equipment and racks to venues. External amplifiers, controllers, crossovers, equalisers and similar equipment are no longer required.

Practical system combinations
Basic version: 1 x XS-4 active sub and 2 x XT-33 (12“/1“CD) Neodym speakers. Ideal for sound reproduction for bands, DJs, entertainers and at shows and galas. Fits easily in passenger cars and offers high power reserves. Plug & Play. Power version: 2 x XS-4 active subs in bridge mode and 2 x XT-4 (12“/1.4“CD) or XT-5 (15“/1.4“ CD, 600W). The XT-5 is fitted with extremely powerful Neodym components. The 3.5“ high-frequency driver has considerable power reserves and produces an impressive, refined sound in combination with the specially developed 1.4“ aluminium CD horn. The powerful sound the system produces makes it extremely suitable for shows and parties. System output: 3000W. Larger systems: The system can be extended to include any number of active subwoofers with a corresponding number of Top speakers and of course can be combined with large horn-loaded systems from the Perform series.

Easy to operate
A control panel with a blue, four-line LCD display is integrated in the active Sub so that users can adjust and view the DSP functions. The system's network compatibility and remote control options via a laptop provide you with assistance while you work. For connecting the active Sub to a PC the Fohhn-Net Adaptor NA-1 is necessary.

XS-4 active

electro-acoustical features  
acoustic design ATD acoustic design
components 1x 18“ long excursion, neodymium
amplifier output 1.500 W
SPL max. 132 dB
frequency range 35 Hz – 130 Hz
enclosure multiply birch wood
protection grille metal, powder coating
standard colour black, textured paint
front design acoustic foam
dimensions (W x H x D) approx. 59 x 60 x 68 cm
weight approx. 39 kg
wheels wheel board
handles 2 side handle
thread plate for distance piece M20
optional features  
optional colours all RAL-colours
weather resistance scratch-proof plastic coating
digital amplifier (integrated in Sub)  
EIA amplifier power Tops 2x 750 W**
(1 kHz, THD+N < 1%)
Bridge mode 1.500 W
amplification 32 dB
input sensitivity 1.4 V
input impedance 10 kOhm
frequency response 20 Hz – 20 kHz
S/N Ratio >105 dBA
protective circuit switch-on delay, soft start,
impedance- and short-circuit protection,
DC protect, temperature monitoring
remote control Fohhn-Net, Fohhn Audio Soft
remote monitoring temperature, protect, signals
power supply 195 V–250 V AC 50/60 Hz, max. 6 A
temperature range 0 - 45°C
cooling convection cooling, force cooling,
if necessary termperature-controlled fan
weight approx. 1.8 kg power supply and amplifier
**each 4 ohms from 130 Hz via high-pass 6 dB/Okt.  
controller 2 digital signal prozessors
8 independent limiters
selektive 3-band limiting (bass/mid/high)
band specific time constants
56-bit double precision filter technology
AD/DA 24 bit/48 kHz
controls Select potentiometer
4 buttons for DSP handling
ground/lift switch
Power on/off switch
indicator LEDs 4 line display
2x Signal/Clip LED
2x run/protect LED
receive / send remote LED
inputs 2x XLR/jacks,
multifunctional input jacks
signal Input jack
2x XLR Link jacks
outputs 2x NL4 Neutrik Speakon for Top Speaker (stereo)
or 1x 8 ohms (bridge mode)
mains 2x Powercon mains jacks
in and thru
>Fohhn® Mains Control – the integrated mains supply monitoring system<
During use, the supply to the amplifier is constantly monitored. If at any time it exceeds the maximum permitted range (180-255 VAC), the supply will be interrupted. During power up it also minimizes the input surge current by switching on at the mains voltage zero crossing.

Transport covers

Padded high-quality covers.


Frontprotector multiply birch wood, 15 mm, with butterfly locks.

NA-11 Fohhn-Net USB Adapter

Adaptateur USB/Fohhn-Net. Boîtier aluminium, cordons de raccordement fournis. Départs RJ45, ou XLR 3 broches.

Fohhn Audio Soft

Pilote et contrôle tous les amplificateurs et processeurs dotés de DSP, mais également des enceintes actives, individuellement ou en réseau. Pilotage des paramètres de directivité en temps réel pour nos systèmes Linea Focus, Focus Modular et Focus Bass-Array.

Free Stand IX / X / XI

Que ce soit dans le cadre d’applications mobiles ou d’installations fixes, les pieds design «Free-Stand» permettront une parfaite intégration, quelle que soit l’architecture du lieu. Une large embase démontable, un élégant habillage bois ou un sub Fohhn fourniront l’assise de base du pied. Celui-ci est disponible en 3 tailles différentes


Distanzrohr mit M20 Gewinde

18“ high performance subwoofer system in aligned reflex enclosure

Highly resilient 18“ long-stroke speaker in aligned bass reflex enclosure with precise and powerful subwoofer reproduction. Bass reflex construction. Multi-layered high-quality multiplex wooden enclosure with robust, black 2-K special texture, acoustic foam front cover with ball impact resistant protection grille, removable board with rollers (back) and transport top (front). Amplifier output: 1500W / ohms. Integrated digital signal processors (DSP) with these functions: 10-band parametric EQ, High-Pass-/Low-Pass-filter, delay, input mixing stage, Noisegate, compressor/ limiter and signal generator for optimal speaker protection. Controlling via Fohhn-Net.

Technical specifications:
components: 1x 18” long stroke
SPL max.: 132 dB
frequency range: 35 Hz - 130 Hz
weight: approx. 39kg
dimensions (W x H x D): approx. 59 x 60 x 68 cm
enclosure: multiplex birchwood
texture finish: black
front design: acoustic foam
protection grille: metal, ball impact resistant
handles: 4 on the side (milled in)
thread plate for distance piece: M20

amplifier output: 1500 watt / 8 ohms
amplification: 32 dB
input sensitivity: 0 dB V
input impedance: 10 kohms
frequency range: 20Hz – 20kHz
S/N ratio: >105 dBA

protective circuit: switch-on delay, soft start, impedance- and short-circuit protection, DC protect, temperature monitoring
remote control: Fohhn-Net, Fohhn Audio Soft
remote monitoring: temperature, protect, signals

controller: 2 digital signal processors, 8 independent limiters, selective 3-band limiting (bass/mid/high), band specific time constants, 56-bit double precision filter technology, AD/DA 24bit/48kHz

power supply: 195 V – 250 V AC 50/60 Hz
cooling: convection cooling, force cooling, if necessary temperature-controlled fan

connections: 2x XLR/jacks, 2x XLR Link jacks, 2x NL4 Neutrik Speakon Out, 2x Powercon (in & thru)

make: Fohhn Audio AG
type: XS-4 active
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