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Retour de scène multi-positionement hautes performances, 500 W, H.P. 12“+ 1,4“, 8 Ω, Néodyme. Dispersion HxV: 80° x 60°. Caisse en multiplis lamellé-collé avec plastification et traitement anti-humidité. (Positionnements: vertical et angles à 35 et 55°). Dimensions (HxLxP): env. 59 cm x 34 cm x 45cm. Connecteurs Speakon NL4 dans les poignées. Poids: env. 23kg.

The Fohhn® XM-4 is an extremely resilient 2-way high-performance stage monitor system with extremely compact dimensions, low weight and an amazingly natural sound. The XM-4 is fitted with a 12” bass/mid chassis and 3.5” high-frequency driver with 1.4“ CD horn. When combined with the extremely sophisticated passive crossover and integral electronic speaker protection, this proven speaker configuration guarantees maximum sound and dynamics of speech and drums while at the same time achieving an outstanding level of transparency. The defined sound dispersion characteristics provide maximum protection against feedback, even at extreme sound levels and the dispersion angle of 80° x 60° reaches the target area on the stage with extreme accuracy. The XM-4 is manufactured with a high degree of precision, is flexible and boasts perfect handling and an outstanding sound. It is fitted with the latest Neodymium chassis and weighs only.

The XM-4 is well suited to full-range speech and music applications. The compact speaker also produces outstanding sound when used in a drum fill system with subwoofers (XS-4 active sub, XS-4 passive). The XM-4 has 2 setup angle as a monitor with 55° and 35°. Rubber feet protect the housing on 3 sides and prevent the monitor from sliding. The housings are manufactured from quality multiplex birch wood, have a waterproof construction and a scratch-resistant plastic coating. A sturdy metal grille behind the acoustic foam protects the speaker. Two recessed handles and minimum weight make the speaker extremely easy to transport.

For maximum sound performance and operating reliability, we recommend our digital DSP amplifiers. (e.g. D-2.1500 and D-4.1200) We always integrate a sophisticated passive crossover with electronic high-frequency protection so XM-4 can be operated with any professional amplifier.

Stage monitor, live-music, playback, speech

2x NL4 Neutrik Speakon left and right to connect very easy and safe to the next speaker XM-4 stage monitor.

Padded high-quality transport cover; flight case for always two monitors in trucking space version.



electro-acoustical features  
acoustic design passive stage monitor, 2-way, bass reflex
components[*] 12“ / 1,4“ on rotatable CD-horn, with self-resetting IPC[*]-HF protection, fully neodym
power rating (nominal)[1] 500 W
power rating (program)[2] 1000 W
power rating (peak)[3] 2000 W
sensitivity[4] 100 dB
maximum SPL[3] 131 dB
frequency range[5] 45 Hz – 20 kHz
nominal dispersion (h x v)[6] 80° x 60°
nominal impedance 8 ohms
enclosure asymmetric, multifunctional, birch plywood cabinet
protection grille metal, powder coated finish
connections 2x Neutrik NL4 Speakon, left and right
standard colour scratch-resistant plastic coating, black
frontal design acoustic foam
dimensions (W x H x D) approx. 590 x 340 x 450 mm
handles 2 deep-set handle
setup angle as a monitor 55° and 35°
speaker stand pole integral, ø 36 mm
weight[7] approx. 23 kg
[1] according to IEC-60268-5 long term  
[2] according to IEC-60268-5 short term  
[3] Peak, 20 ms with bandpass filtered pink noise signal according to IEC 60268-2 at one octave above the lower limit of the frequency range.  
[4] 2,83 V at 8 ohms (2 V at 4 ohms, 4 V at 16 ohms) at a distance of 1 meter under anechoic fullspace conditions  
[5] -10 dB under anechoic halfspace-conditions  
[6] horizontal x vertical at -6 dB, rotatable horn  
[7] net weight without optional equipment  
[*] Intelligent Protection Circuit. Voltage-controlled semiconductor circuit protecting the HF-driver against overload highly effective and with very short attack time.  

Transport cover for XM-4

Padded high-quality transport cover for XM-4

2-way high performance stage monitor speaker

2-way high performance stage monitor speaker equipped with a 12“ sub-/mid speaker and a 3,5” HF-driver on a 1,4” CD horn. The speaker is temporary able to work under 2000 W and generates acoustic pressure of maximal 131 dB. In a wide frequency range of 45 Hz to 20 kHz, the speaker has a defined dispersion of 80° x 60° (h x v). High-tensile, multiplex birch wood enclosure with different set-up angles to use as floor monitor. Scratch-proof and water-repellent black polyurethane coating. For the protection of the speaker chassis and the electronics, the enclosure is equipped with a ball impact resistant, extremely sound-permeable front grille, which is made of powder-coated steel and equipped with a moisture- and dust repellent acoustic foam in enclosure colour. Connection: 2x Neutrik NL4 Speakon, each integrated in left and right handhold.

electro-acoustical features:
acoustic design: passive floor monitor, 2-way, bass reflex
system components: 12“ / 1,4“ CD-horn, with self-resetting IPC-HF protection
power rating (nominal): 500 W
power rating (program): 1000 W
power rating (peak): 2000 W
nominal SPL: 100 dB
maximum SPL: 131 dB
frequency range: 45 Hz – 20 kHz
nominal dispersion (h x v): 80° x 60°
nominal impedance: 8 ohms

enclosure: asymmetrical, multi-functional, multiplex birch wood cabinet
protection grill: ball impact-resistant protective steel grille, powder-coated
connections: 2x Neutrik NL4 Speakon, on the left- and right-hand side
standard colours: scratch-proof polyurethane coating, black
frontal design: acoustic foam in enclosure colour
dimensions (W x H x D): approx. 590 x 340 x 450 mm
handholds: two milled handholds on each side
monitor set-up angle: 55° and 35°
weight: approx. 23 kg

make: Fohhn Audio AG
type: XM-4

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