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Much more power: the new XS-22 active subwoofer.

The new XS-22 12” active subwoofer augments Fohhn’s X-Series / Xperience-Series product lines. From summer 2013, it will replace the existing XS-20 subwoofer model.

Specially designed to offer more power, greater sound pressure levels and better low frequency response, it is equipped with a considerably more powerful 1500W/ 2x 750W Class D amplifier. This drives a 500W state-of-the-art, high performance, 12” long excursion speaker. The subwoofer is notable for its powerful reproduction of bass frequencies and for its extremely even, controlled sound over the entire frequency range (38Hz – 130Hz). With the new developed "Non-turbulent symmetric port design" (NTSP), aerodynamic noises and port compression are reduced considerably. With a max SPL of 127dB, the XS-22’s performance surpasses that of many currently available 12” models.

As with other X-Series subwoofers, it can be used in combination with practically any mid/high loudspeakers. It can also be connected to conventional 2-way systems with 6,5“/1“ CD, 8“/1“ CD, 10“/1“ CD or 12“/1“ CD specifications (Xperience Series), as well as to Linea LX-Series line arrays. A passive subwoofer with integrated crossovers such as the XSP-22 can also be connected.

The XS-22 is equipped with integrated Fohhn Double Precision DSPs that are designed to guarantee optimal adjustment capability between tops and subs. This can be carried out quickly and easily at the touch of a button, or via Fohhn’s intuitive control software. A weight of just approx. 25 kg makes the XS-22 highly practical for transportation.


XS-22 active

electro-acoustical features  
acoustic design bass reflex (NTSP)
components 1x 12“ long excursion
amplifier output 1.500 W
SPL max. 127 dB
frequency range 38 Hz – 130 Hz
enclosure multiply birch wood
protection grille metal, powder coating
standard colour black, textured paint
front design acoustic foam
dimensions (W x H x D) approx. 52 x 42 x 43 cm
weight approx. 25 kg
wheels -
handles 2 edge handle
thread plate for distance piece M20
optional features  
optional colours all RAL colours
weather resistance scratch-proof plastic coating

NA-11 Fohhn-Net USB Adapter

NA-11 Fohhn-Net USB adapter. Extensionable with XLR microphone cable. Aluminium housing and adapter cable.

Fohhn Audio Soft

Easy, convenient handling. Laptop and Fohhn Audio Software for intuitive control and monitoring of all connected Fohhn audio devices with integrated DSP. Clear graphical user interface for rapid access to the speaker database, status display and all audio devices integrated in the Fohhn DSP.

Free Stand IX / X / XI

Freestanding loudspeaker stand with base, featuring the same housing design as the Linea Focus. Suitable for DLI-130, DLI-230, DLI-330* and DLI-430*. Stand base includes integral mains, network and audio connection sockets. Speaker cables can be concealed within the actual stand. *on request


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