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The new AT-661w is a high powered, fully horn loaded, passive, full-range system designed for stadium, arena and large hall use.

Developed to replace Fohhn’s current AT-66 Arc-Series model, the AT-661w is remarkable for its brand new horn construction that offers the best possible directivity, as well as outstanding speech intelligibility and sound quality. The system is fully weatherproof, with a robust housing constructed from VSM material. All internal components are made from aluminium and drivers are specially coated for added protection.

Based on conventional two-way speaker technology, the 700W AT-661w is equipped with 2 x 10” low-mid speakers and a 1.4” high frequency compression driver with self-resetting IPC (Intelligent Protection Circuit) high frequency protection. The loudspeaker offers a wide dynamic range (50Hz-20kHz) and a maximum SPL of 138dB. With two dispersion angles available: 80º x 50º or 60º x 50º (height/width) it can either be used for full range applications, or as a mid-high system in combination with selected Fohhn subwoofers. Supplied as standard in black or white, the AT-661w will also be available in all RAL colours.




electro-acoustical features  
acoustic design passive fully horn loaded point source speaker system, 2-way, vented, weather resistant
components [*] 2x 10" long excursion with impregnated cone, 1,4” compression driver on rotatable CD-Horn with self-resetting IPC[*]-HF protection, neodymium magnets
power rating (nominal) [1] 600 W
power rating (program) [2] 1200 W
power rating (peak) [3] 2400 W
sensitivity [4] 105 dB
maximum SPL [3] 138 dB
frequency range [5] 65 Hz - 20 kHz
nominal dispersion (h x v) [6] 90° x 60°
nominal impedance 4 ohms
enclosure weatherproof VSM / aluminium housing
protection grille steel, ball impact resistant, powder coated
rigging points 8 x M6 threads
connections 2x 4-pin terminal with removable watertight cable gland
standard colours scratch-proof polyurethane coating, black
front design acoustically transparent foam in enclosure colour
weather protection polyurethane coating with UV-resistant finish and water-repellant speaker cone impregnation
dimensions (W x H x D) approx. 455 x 840 x 465 mm
weight [7] approx. 32 kg
optional features  
integrated 100 V-transformer on request
optional colours all RAL-colours
CAAD simulation data EASE
Passive long throw outdoor loudspeaker

Fully horn-loaded, 2-way passive loudspeaker, equipped with two 10” low/mid-range drivers and a 1.4” high frequency driver on CD horn in time-aligned speaker configuration. With a short-term capacity of up to 2400 W, the loudspeaker can generate a maximum SPL of 138 dB. It has a defined dispersion of 90° x 60° (h x v) and a wide frequency range of 65 Hz to 20 kHz.

For outdoor fixed installation applications, the loudspeaker offers highest levels of long-term operational safety due to the maximum possible protection of all components against weather conditions.

Electrical connection is via a UV-resistant cable that is permanently attached to the loudspeaker and fed through an M16 cable gland. As such, this connection conforms to protection class IP54 in accordance with IEC529/EN60529. The built-in loudspeaker chassis have moisture-repellent impregnation and are protected from exposure to dust and moisture by a powder-coated steel grille with filter foam attached (Filter effect PP130).

The loudspeaker system’s inner structure consists of aluminium, surrounded by a weather- resistant VSM enclosure. All externally accessible mounting points are permanently fixed to the aluminium inner frame. All outer surfaces of the enclosure are sealed with a polyurethane-based plastic coating and are therefore permanently protected against any moisture ingress. The final layer, i.e. the top coat, is a transparent varnish that absorbs UV rays and prevents “ageing” of the outer surfaces through exposure to sunlight. This technology was originally developed for boat building and has proven itself over the years.

The protection class of the entire loudspeaker in accordance with IEC529/EN60529 is IP54, provided that any upward inclination is avoided. The loudspeaker system is optionally available with 100 V technology in various performance classes up to 480 W. The accessories used for mounting are galvanised, then powder coated and are therefore reliably protected against weather conditions.

Electroacoustic features
Acoustic design: weather-resistant passive loudspeaker, 2-way, vented, fully horn loaded
Components: 2 x 10“ long excursion chassis, impregnated, 1x 1.4“compression driver on rotatable CD horn, with self-resetting IPC[*] high frequency protection, fully neodym
Power rating (nominal): 600 W
Power rating (programme): 1200 W
Power rating (Peak): 2400 W
Sound pressure: 105 dB
Max sound pressure: 138 dB
Frequency range: 65 Hz – 20 kHz
Nominal directivity (h x v): 90° x 60°
Nominal impedance: 4 Ohm

Loudspeaker features
Enclosure: weatherproof VSM / aluminium enclosure
Protection grille: ball impact resistant steel grille, powder coated
Mounting points: 8 x M6 screw threads
Connectors: 2 x 4-pin terminals with removable cable gland, waterproof
Standard colours: PU coating
Front design: acoustic foam in enclosure colour
Weather protection: polyurethane coating with UV protection and waterproofing
Dimensions (W x H x D): approx. 455 x 840 x 465 mm
Weight: approx. 32 kg

Optional features
Integrated 100 V transformer: on request
Optional colours: all RAL colours

CAAD simulation data: EASE

Manufacturer: Fohhn Audio AG
Model: AT-661w

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