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Battery-powered, modular loudspeaker system for high quality, wireless reproduction of speech and music.
Perfect for achieving natural, high quality sound with quick and easy set-up. Wherever it’s needed. No power or cables. No prior technical knowledge needed. Can be operated for up to 20 hours on a single battery charge.

The components
Processor controlled 60 W amplifier with high efficiency, high performance battery, 4-channel mixer with 2-band tone control, high performance 8"/1" loudspeaker components. High frequency 1" compression driver with short horn. Maximum SPL 117 dB (peak). Integral digital controller – charges battery. Quick charge mode: up to 80% capacity within 6 hours.

Build in two radio microphone systems and a CD Player as required
9.5" slots accommodate two standard radio microphone system receivers. A CD Player with USB connection can also be built in. These components can also be added at a later date if required.

Radio microphone system options
The FP-22 Modular is equipped with 9.5" slots ready to accommodate up to two radio microphone receivers. All commonly available brands are compatible e.g. Sennheiser, AKG, Shure, Beyerdynamic and others. These can be included at extra cost. A customer’s own receivers can also be built in by prior arrangement. The receivers’ front panel controls can be accessed via a sealed flap. It is also possible to fit one radio mic receiver and one transmitter (e.g. pocket transmitter or inear). This enables the summed signal from one EasyPort FP-22 Modular to be sent to another FP-22 system.

CD Player options
A high quality, programmable CD Player with entry slot and lit LCD display can be built in at any time. The CD Player is suitable for playing standard and MP3 CDs and is equipped with a USB port that enables data files stored on a Flash drive also to be played. An infrared remote control is supplied.

Optional accessories
Padded carrying case, rain cover, tripod stand, wall bracket.

FP-22 modular with and without CD Player

electro-acoustical features  
acoustic design active, battery-powered loudspeaker system 2-way, bass reflex
components 8“ / 1“ compression driver with short horn
operating mode active, battery or AC power operation, Class-H
sensitivity (@1m, peak) 117 dB
frequency range [5] 65 Hz – 20 kHz
nominal dispersion (h x v) [6] 100° x 100°
enclosure birch plywood cabinet, plastic feet, 1 handle
mounting devices 2x M8 mounting devices for U-bracket SHP-2
standard colour black textured paint
frontal design acoustic foam
dimensions (W x H x D) approx. 240 x 510 x 270 mm
optional features  
optional colours all RAL-colours
wireless microphone system built-in 1-2x 9.5“ wireless receiver
electronic performance  
amplifier (music) 60 W
EQ bass, treble (shelving)
processor function autolimiter / subsonic automatic proximity filter
mic input 3-pol XLR input socket
line inputs 2x RCA, stereo sum to mono
line input XLR socket
line outputs 2x RCA jacks
line output XLR socket
mixer inputs 2x ext. mic sym. 2 kOhm
  1x int. wireless mic 10 kOhm
  2x line RCA 10 kOhm
  1x line XLR sym.
phantom power 12 volts
outputs (for recording or stacking) 2x line RCA jacks / 600 ohms 1x XLR sym.
12V output 12V DC out for external equip., pin ø 2,1 mm
output for FP-22 slave Speakon NL-4
power supply  
230 V AC integrated power supply for recharging, IEC cable
fuse 1A MTR (5 x 20 mm)
rechargeable battery 12 V / ca. 7,2 Ah
operation time approx. (speech / music) 8 - 18 hours
FP-22 modular with CD player  
speaker stand pole unscrewable stand adapter SA-2
CD player built-in, with IR remote control
weight [7] approx. 14 kg
FP-22 modular without CD player  
speaker stand pole integral, ø 36 mm
CD player - (retrofit)
weight [7] approx. 12,9 kg
This equipment conforms to standards EN 61000-6-1, EN 61000-6-3 and EN 60065. We reserve the right to alter the specifications without notice.  
[5] -10 dB under anechoic halfspace-conditions  
[6] horizontal x vertical at -6 dB  
[7] net weight without optional equipment  


Transport bag for FP-22, FP-11, FP-Media, padded

Loudspeaker stand

Loudspeaker stand economy


Stand bracket for FP-2/22 with stand adapter, unscrewable


Transport bag for 2x stands


Rain cover for FP-2/22, sound permeable

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