The Fohhn Designer is the perfect tool for developing professional sound reinforcement concepts and presenting the results. It can be used for all kinds of projects - from the smallest conference room to the largest arena.

The web-based, platform-independent application enables the most precise simulations to be created taking acoustic room characteristics into account. Server-side calculations make it highly resource-efficient.

The Software has been fully developed in house by Fohhn.

Three Steps to Perfect Results

1. The Room Model:

  • Easy and stable import of existing geometries, or easy creation within the programme
  • Creation of listener planes from existing geometries in any form, or via import function
  • Assignment of acoustic room characteristics

2. The Fohhn Speaker Setup:

  • Speaker database including all active and passive Fohhn loudspeakers
  • Focus on easy operation
  • Native support for Fohhn Beam Steering Systems with the usual parameters from Fohhn Audio Soft
  • Smart positioning- and alignment tools
  • Evolutionary concept development based on “snapshots” with an intelligent modification history for room and loudspeaker properties, simulation settings and the corresponding results
  • Export function for Fohhn Audio Soft Projects

3. The Simulation & Evaluation

  • Frequency-dependent calculation of direct- and total sound Level
  • Calculation of speech intelligibility (Speech Transmission Index, male and female) in accordance with DIN EN 60268-16
  • Elaborate evaluation tools with individual values, spectrum and histograms
  • PDF export function

The Report Configurator

Create highly informative project reports for customers in an instant:

  • Easy-to-handle wizard for fast report creation
  • Automatic inclusion of screenshots and project variables
  • Ready-made text templates offering in-depth information on the respective project
  • Automatic report updates whenever project data is changed
  • Comprehensive customisation options including detailed views and content-rich evaluations, as well as texts and images
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