When it comes to providing perfect sound for web conferences, users often face a problem: Depending on the number of participants involved; and the available internet bandwidth; the quality of sound can be very limited making things difficult to understand. Achieving a good transmission quality requires loudspeaker components that are designed for best possible speech reproduction. In addition, the audio signal needs appropriate filtering via digital signal processors (DSP). Only then do you have the basis for a relaxed, intelligible web conferencing environment, which benefits everyone involved.

Fohhn’s new Media-Series provides such a solution: an integrated, tuned, two-channel audio system that offers optimized speech intelligibility for web conferences and flawless reproduction of high quality media sound. Each system includes two high performance loudspeaker units and a compact DSP amplifier unit with appropriate user presets.

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The image shows a sample application in a media board by Holzmedia.

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