Xperience & Linea Live:
Fohhn System Combinations

Individually powerful - unbeatable in a system: Fohhn’s Linea Live and Xperience compact PA systems combine tried and tested products to create unbeatable solutions tailored to your specific sound reinforcement requirements. Both systems consist of active subwoofers with Fohhn Audio DSP and passive top loudspeakers (Xperience) or line source speakers (Linea Live).

Xperience systems are active compact PA systems that combine X-Series subwoofers with passive “top” loudspeakers. These plug & play systems are ideal for the discerning musician, DJ and sound engineer, fulfilling a wide range of sound reinforcement requirements from club concerts, town festivals, gala events, DJ events, rock and pop concerts, to weddings, dinners and parties. All system loudspeakers are equipped with Fohhn digital signal processors (DSP) and can therefore be remotely controlled. The systems offer maximum operational reliability and a warm expansive sound at both low and high volume levels.

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Linea Live
Linea Live is a highly effective combination of Fohhn Linea LX line source loudspeakers and active subwoofers. The DSP-controlled active subs, from Fohhn’s acclaimed X-Series, are equipped with loudspeaker presets specially configured for Linea LX systems. As a result, Linea Live combines the directional properties and sound characteristics of a line array system with the warm, punchy sound of an optimally adjusted active subwoofer

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