The Design.

Loudspeakers that sound – and look – impressive.

Sound quality and functionality are not the only priorities when it comes to our loudspeaker systems. Clear, unobtrusive design and optical integration also play a major role. This is why our systems are so well suited to venues with challenging architecture: Fohhn loudspeaker systems are installed both in historic churches with listed building regulations and in modern concert halls, theatres and opera houses, to name just a few examples.

Regardless of their shape or size, Fohhn loudspeakers can always be unobtrusively integrated: For example, our slim line source systems can be made to appear almost invisible, depending on their room positioning or lighting.

Should our loudspeakers need to be more prominently positioned, their elegant, attractive designs – based on precisely calculated, well-established dimensions - and their high quality wood or aluminium surfaces, enable them to integrate perfectly into the surroundings. Further customization is also possible.

Fohhn Design Options

We offer a whole range of individual design- and customization options for our products:

1. Colour:

  • RAL Classic: painted (for wood housing) or powder-coated (for aluminium housing) finishes for loudspeakers and wall brackets in a choice of 123 RAL Classic colours
  • RAL Design*: painted (for wood housing) or powder-coated (for aluminium housing) finishes for loudspeakers and wall brackets in a choice of 1625 RAL Design colours
  • NCS*: all Natural Colouring System shades
  • Pantone coated*: 1768 Pantone Matching System Colours
  • DB Colours*: all Deutsche Bahn corporate colours with “metallic” effect pigment

*only available on request

2. Decorative Surface Designs:

  • Fohhn Texture Design: photo-realistic, high quality surface designs for Fohhn loudspeakers (with aluminium housing). Further details below.

3. Protective Layers:

  • Polyurethane coating (for wood housing): available in black or white, offering better protection against environmental impact, weather and mechanical wear and tear

Fohhn Texture Design

The introduction of a new and exclusive process for coating and painting our loudspeakers (to industry standards) heralds a new level of optical integration. An extensive range of high quality decorative surface designs now enables even the most diverse specifications from architects and planners to be met. Numerous decorative designs are available, from stainless steel, carbon and marble, to a range of woods - all with photo-realistic appearances.

High-quality powder coating of extruded aluminium enclosures has been a standard procedure at Fohhn for many years. This involves coating the loudspeaker enclosures with a transparent acrylic powder, which forms a more resilient, scratchproof and UV-resistant top coat. The process has now also been successfully transferred to loudspeaker systems with Texture Design. The result: a visually homogenous enclosure surface, which also extends around the connector panels into the recess on the back of the enclosure, as well as to its top and base.

Fohhn Texture Design is available for Fohhn line source systems with aluminium housing:

  • LINEA LX: LX-10/11, LX-60/61, LX-100, LX-150, LX-220
  • LINEA FOCUS: DLI-130, DLI-230, DLI-330, DLI-430
  • LINEA LEN: LEN-20, LEN-60, LEN-100, LEN-150, LEN-220
  • LINEA LC: LC-20, LC-60, LC-100, LC-150, LC-220
  • AIREA: LX-10 ASX, LX-20 ASX, LX-60 ASX

Texture Design:
ISE 2016


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Texture Design: Advertising

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