As a pioneer of digital audio technology, it is our aim to achieve compatibility with all digital audio networks. Our new Fohhn active loudspeaker systems and DSP amplifiers are already equipped as standard with integrated interfaces – so-called input interfaces – for AES/EBU and AIREA, our own fully digital audio network system and loudspeaker concept. Systems are also available with optional interfaces for Optocore or Dante™.

New and future Fohhn devices will be equipped with digital, transformer-balanced AES/EBU inputs (AES-3 standard). Because AES/EBU is recognised as a standard format, AES/EBU interfaces already exist for all digital networks. As a result, any Fohhn device can be connected to any of these networks.

AIREA is a digital audio network system and active loudspeaker concept in one. Its central interface is a Master module with power supply and digital AES/EBU inputs, as well as AIREA-NET outputs. This allows Fohhn devices with AIREA inputs to be connected via network cable. In doing so, a stand-alone, digital audio network can be formed that has very low latency and is controllable via Fohhn Audio Soft.

With Dante™ Audio Networking, the transmission of high quality, uncompressed audio data takes place over standard IP networks with extremely low latency. This versatile network solution enables complex audio routing and redundant (star topology) cabling.

Optocore is a network that enables the routing of control- and audio signals via fibre optic cable. This facilitates long cable runs and extremely low latency during signal transmission. Optocore offers complex audio routing options and the possibility for redundant cabling (Optocore Ring).



The beginnings of digital transition in the audio world and at Fohhn

Since 2000, the engineers at Fohhn Audio AG have worked consistently on the development of digital amplifier- and control technology (DSP). Once regarded somewhat critically, this technology is now an industry standard, as well as being set to dominate the market in future. 2004 saw the release of the first products featuring Fohhn’s own in-house developed digital technology: active loudspeaker systems and amplifiers equipped with digital signal processors (DSP). To this day, the Fohhn DSP guarantees the highest degree of protection for loudspeakers and amplifiers, maximum power output and optimum sound quality at all power levels. The high performance dual processors also offer six audio processing tools including a 10-band parametric EQ, Delay and Compressor/Limiter. These guarantee the best possible adaptation of the system to the room acoustics.

Intelligent network- and control technology: Fohhn-Net and Fohhn Audio Soft

During 2005/2006, an in-house developed control network was integrated into the Fohhn system concept: Fohhn-Net enables all the Fohhn active loudspeakers and amplifiers in a system to be networked together. This allows users to remotely monitor and control up to 254 devices from a central location. A single piece of control software – Fohhn Audio Soft – enables real-time control of all functions on every device. Fohhn Audio Soft is constantly being updated and now constitutes a very powerful working tool. The latest version of this software also supports control of older Fohhn devices.

Beam Steering: Linea Focus – elegant and award-winning

2008/2009 saw further expansion of Fohhn’s product portfolio with the introduction of Linea Focus. This new range of electronically steerable line source speakers became the first member of Fohhn’s Focus-Series. The award-winning loudspeaker systems are equipped with state-of-the-art Beam Steering Technology, which represents a supreme discipline in sound reinforcement technology. It enables the sound dispersion from a Fohhn loudspeaker to be adjusted in real time, using Fohhn Audio Soft software, so that the system can be optimised to suit the acoustic conditions of the room. Even in rooms with the most difficult acoustics, optimal sound coverage can be precisely and intelligently achieved. Focus systems have also been specially designed to enable perfect visual integration into a range of architectural settings. This is achieved, firstly, as a result of the speakers’ slim design and, secondly, by the fact that they can be mounted flat against walls, subtly blended with wall coverings and unobtrusively integrated into stage sets.

PS-9 Active Sub – an electronically steerable, 21-inch, high performance subwoofer

In 2010, Fohhn created a world “first” with the release of its PS-9 Active Sub - the very first subwoofer with Differential Pressure Control (DPC). This patented technology enables constant electronic control of the speaker membrane. The performance capability of the 21-inch sub (with 8500 W peak power) is equivalent to that of four conventional 18-inch systems. The PS-9 offers especially precise and powerful sound reproduction in the 28 HZ to 110 HZ frequency range.

Beam Steering II: Focus Modular – even more powerful and effective

Fohhn’s Focus-Series range of Beam Steering systems was expanded in 2011 with the development of Focus Modular. These extremely efficient, high performance modular systems have appealed to both architects and audio planners and are now installed in some of the world’s most famous buildings including – among others – the French national Opéra Bastille in Paris, the Moscow Philharmonic 2, the Ruhrfestspielhaus in Recklinghausen, as well as the House of Danish Industry (DI).

Beam Steering III: Focus Sub Arrays – electronically steerable bass arrays

During 2012, Fohhn developed its unique method of building bass arrays - known as Focus Sub Arrays - whose beam characteristics could be controlled in real time, at the click of a mouse. These bass arrays with Beam Steering can be constructed using any Fohhn active or passive subwoofers in horizontal, vertical and endfire formats. What was previously possible in the high and mid frequency ranges now applies to the low frequency range as well: highly controlled beam dispersion, even audience coverage, suppression of “side lobes” and a reduction in unwanted reflections.

AIREA – the digital audio network system from Fohhn

2014 saw Fohhn release the first digital audio network system and active loudspeaker concept of its kind: the fully digital AIREA. What makes it so special is the fact that transmission of all digital audio signals and control signals, as well as the 48 V power supply to devices, happens via a single network cable. This enables the construction of a highly flexible, intelligent digital network that includes active DSP-controlled loudspeakers, amplifiers and controllers. AIREA’s AES/EBU interfaces also make it compatible with other audio networks.

Beam Steering IV: Linea Focus DLI – digital compatibility

In 2015, the first Linea Focus line source speakers appeared with an integrated interface for the Optocore digital fibre optic network. This was followed in 2017 by Linea Focus DLI: The next generation of Fohhn Beam Steering systems is available in several product variants with different input options (input interfaces). The loudspeakers are equipped as standard with digital signal inputs for AES/EBU and AIREA. Optionally available are variants with interfaces for Dante™ or Optocore, or with analogue signal inputs as before.


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