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La Fête de la Musique Fohhn sous le soleil

Mondo dr - Interview with Jochen Schwarz und Uli Haug (angl.)

SoundLightUp - Focus Venue de Fohhn, droit vers le futur

Fohhn Audio to focus on concert sound systems at ISE 2018 (angl.)

Mondo dr - Houses of Worship: Manchester Cathedral (angl.)

Pro AVL Asia - Industry Drivers: Fohhn (Video) (angl.)

Worship AVL - Bliss & Wisdom Monastery - Singapore (angl.)

Pro AVL Asia - Merlaud and Fohhn file a successful tax return (angl.)

The Washington Post - Cirque du Soleil takes its act to sea on new Mediterranean cruises (angl.)

ProAudio Central - A holographic sound image in the sky (angl.)

Barco - Barco creates 3D sound experience at 600 meters height (angl.)

SoundLightUp - Fohhn lance le système en colonne Focus Venue

ProAudio-Central - Fohhn finds an Australian home (angl.)

ProAudio-Central - Fohhn applies its science in NUS LT6 (angl.)

L & S Online America - Fohhn Showcases Latest Digital Technology Developments at Prolight + Sound (angl.)

Fohhn high performance PT-70 concert sound system (angl.)

Fohhn ships new high performance PT-70 concert sound system.(angl.)

Mondo dr November 2016: Cunerakerk in Rhenen (NL) (angl.)

Pour la Fête de la Musique Shitty joue la carte Fohhn et ses tubes de l’été

Fohhn designs ‘talking cross’ for French church (angl.)

Product of the Month: Optocore Linea Focus SANE-FX interface module (angl.)

Un Système Fohhn Focus modular à l’Opéra Bastille

ABX-3 - Fohhn expands AIREA system

Fohhn takes Opéra Bastille by storm

Opéra Bastille Outfitted With Fohhn Audio Loudspeakers

AM-50 master module offers more options for Fohhn Airea

Fohhn beam steering focuses on new markets

Optocore Provides Fohhn With Digital Connectivity And Added Flexibility For Flagship Focus Line Array

Neotécnica suma a su propuesta comercial los sistemas del fabricante Fohhn Audio

Silence ! Le Monde fait son show avec Fohhn

Fohhn PS-9 : un sub « mi-lourd » qui a du punch

AIREA : le système de distribution audio en réseau de Fohhn

Série Linea Focus Modular de Fohhn

Control Logic Systems to manage Fohhn market penetration in SE Asia

PLS 2014: Fohhn stellt AIREA vor

PLS 2014: Fohhn Focus Venue

Audio-Revolution mit Fohhn Focus Modular

Focus Modular beim Adam & Eva Award, Glashalle Leipzig

Oper Schenkenberg 2013 mit Focus Modular: Gartencenter wird zur Freilichtarena

Fohhn Systeme auf einer Yacht (NL)


Articles about Fohhn

  • System Integration Asia 12/2018 - British University Vietnam (angl.)Download(1.1 MB)
  • InAVate 06/18 - Experience the energy (angl.)Download(319 KB)
  • Sound on Sound 11/17 - Fohhn PT-70 (angl.)Download(440 KB)
  • Worship AVL 07/17 - Tianhe Church: Serving the masses (angl.)Download(409 KB)
  • Worship AVL 05/2017 - Jeil Methodist Church: Controlling Sound (angl.)Download(211 KB)
  • Mondo dr 07/2016 Speaking Cross, Mauléon (angl.)Download(221 KB)
  • Soule Xiberoa 05/2016 La seule croix sonoriséeDownload(155 KB)
  • 05/2016 Mircale à MauléonDownload(379 KB)
  • 05/2016 Une nouvelle sono pur l'égilseDownload(182 KB)
  • Mondo dr 01/2016 - Opéra Bastille (angl.)Download(418 KB)
  • Sound on Sound 09/2015 - Fohhn LX-61 & D-2.1500 Review (angl.)Download(1.5 MB)
  • Worship AVL Fall 2015 - Talking columns (angl.)Download(255 KB)
  • Worship AVL Fall 2015 - Buying column speakers (angl.)Download(203 KB)
  • Pro Audio Asia 09/10 2015 - Digital Appeal (angl.)Download(1.4 MB)
  • Mondo dr 09/2015 EXPO 2015 UAE & Kazakhstan Pavilions (angl.)Download(96 KB)
  • Mondo dr 09/2015 - LX-60 and LX-61 (angl.)Download(30 KB)
  • TMT Convention ('14) 09/2015 - Presentation Abstract Beam SteeringDownload(3.1 MB)
  • InAvate 08/2015 - EXPO 2015 UAE Pavillon (angl.)Download(154 KB)
  • Mondo dr 03/2014 - Focus VenueDownload(158 KB)
  • Pro Audio Asia 10/2013 - Munsang College Hong Kong (angl.)Download(430 KB)
  • Sound on Sound 10/2013 - Fohhn LX-601 (angl.)Download(2.0 MB)
  • PSN Europe 10/2013 - 'World theater' SwitzerlandDownload(140 KB)
  • Installation 09/2013 - Club specialDownload(526 KB)
  • Mondo dr 08/2013 - Mauritius airportDownload(1.3 MB)
  • Audio Media 05/2013 - XS-22 activeDownload(160 KB)
  • Mondo dr 05/2013 - XS-22 activeDownload(111 KB)
  • Production Partner 04/2013 - Fohhn Focus Modular (angl.) Download(1.4 MB)
  • Professional System 04/2013 - Fohhn/IOSONO 3D Sound (angl.) Download(3.3 MB)
  • Mondo dr 01/2013 - Essen stadium (angl.)Download(6.5 MB)
  • InAvate 01/2013 - ADAC headquarterDownload(431 KB)
  • Sound on Sound 01/2013 - Review LX-150 (angl.)Download(353 KB)
  • Pro Audio Asia 01/2013 - ShaTin race course Hong Kong (angl.)Download(1.7 MB)
  • Mondo dr 12/2012 - Fohhn systems in Simen Movie Theatre, China (angl.)Download(2.4 MB)
  • Mondo dr 10/2012 - University of Heidelberg (angl.)Download(0.9 MB)
  • Mondo dr 07/2012 - Reduta Concert hall Bratislava (angl.) Download(785 KB)
  • Worship AVL Asia 07/2012 - Korea's Doonsan First Methodist Church (angl.)Download(1.0 MB)
  • Mondo dr 05/2012 - D-4.1200 AmplifierDownload(97 KB)
  • Installation 02/2012 - LX-220Download(130 KB)
  • 10/2009 - Article on Fohhn Linea Focus (angl.)Download(400 KB)
  • Meet Music 02/2009 - Fohhn Linea Live (français)Download(632 KB)
  • Performing Musician 02/2009 - Fohhn Linea LX-100 (angl.) Download(1.6 MB)
  • Performing Musician 11/2008 - Fohhn Xperience XT-4 & XS-4 (angl.)Download(5.7 MB)
  • Sound on Sound 03/2006 - Xperience III (angl.)Download(515 KB)
  • Sound on Sound 03/2006 Xperience II (angl.)Download(406 KB)
  • InAVate 04/2017 - Mapping for Audi (angl.)Download(178 KB)
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