Fohhn Beam Steering Technology

Fohhn® Beam Steering Technology: Sound reinforcement technology of the future.

Fohhn's award-winning Focus-Series has redefined the concept of sound reinforcement in complex acoustic environments. Equipped with state-of-the art Beam Steering Technology, the systems have been specially designed to offer intelligent, directional coverage of rooms with challenging acoustic conditions, in order to give the best possible results.

The beam characteristics of loudspeaker systems featuring Fohhn® Beam Steering Technology can be remotely controlled and individually adjusted to suit the acoustics of a particular venue. Control is carried out in real time, using a single piece of software. By comparison, conventional loudspeaker systems do not have adjustable beam characteristics so their sound cannot be as precisely directed within the room, making it prone to reflections from the ceiling, floor or wall. The result of this can be unpleasant for the listener, with washy, reverberant sound. For these situations, Fohhn® Beam Steering Technology provides a perfect solution: the beam can be precisely directed towards the listeners, minimizing the effect of unwanted room reflections and giving excellent levels of speech intelligibility throughout. Even in the most challenging acoustic conditions, the result is both clear and pleasant, not only for speech but also for music. A Fohhn® Beam Steering system consists of a number of individual loudspeakers arranged in a column within a slim elegant housing (a loudspeaker array). Each speaker has its own amplifier and DSP channel, allowing it can be individually adjusted. Using a complex algorithm, both the vertical width and the inclination angle of the beam to be remotely controlled via software.

The sound experts at Fohhn® have become world leaders in the development of this new technology. Constant refinements have been made to Fohhn’s beam steering technology since 2008, culminating in today’s unique level of performance capability. Fohhn ®systems can be intuitively controlled in real time, via software, with ultra-fine adjustment of beam characteristics in increments of 0.1°. Such precision enables the beam to be trained so that unwanted effects, such as side lobes, are suppressed – to mention just a few of the systems’ many innovative features.

Offering over 10 different products in total, Fohhn’s award-winning “Linea Focus” and “Focus Modular” beam steering systems as well as the brandnew Focus Venue line-array systems cater for the entire spectrum of acoustic settings and venue sizes, from conference rooms, cathedrals and concert halls to airports, exhibition halls and stadia. Proof of the loudspeakers’ impressive credentials can already be seen in a wide range of conducted events and successfully installed beam steering systems.

Products with Fohhn Beam Steering Technology:

Linea Focus

Focus Modular

Focus Sub Array

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