Fohhn product lines for mobile applications:

Wireless speaker systems with integrated high-performance battery, radio microphone, processor-controlled amplifiers and mixers. Compact, lightweight, easy to operate. Outstanding natural sound.
Manifold applications at Outdoor Events, Promotions, Sports Events, Outdoor Church Services, Product Presentations, Cabarets, Trick Fountains, Theme Parks, Broadcasts/TV, Theater Effects etc.

Elegant directional speaker systems with high speech intelligibility, even in demanding acoustic settings. Natural sound in speech and music applications. Available in all colours. Piano or matt finish. Low-impedance technology or 100V. Indoor and outdoor use.
Manifold applications in churches, museums, opera houses, conference halls, parliament buildings, court rooms, airports, sports fields etc.


State-of-the-art Beam Steering Technology comprising loudspeakers, amplifiers and DSP-Technology as well as control-software and network engineering.
Linea Focus and Focus Modular systems prove the perfect choice for high-class speech and music transmissions in difficult architectural settings. For applications demanding an even and powerful bass reproduction, the combination with Focus Sub Arrays is recommended.


Active and passive subwoofers and fullrange speaker systems from the latest generation. Compact and lightweight. Easy to handle. Flexible and versatile. High-quality workmanship. Outstanding sound quality.
Manifold applications at Industrial events, speech applications, rock concerts, gala events, town festivals, DJ events, Broadcast/TV, monitor applications etc.


Classic high-performance line array systems for industry events, concert sound applications and professional fixed installations. Extensive range of accessories. Extensive range of accessories.
Manifold applications at Open-Air festivals, Classical concerts, Rock/Pop/Jazz concerts, gala events, DJ events, large sports events, monitor applications etc.


Modern high-performance DSP amplifiers. Integrated Fohhn DSP technology, speaker database, remote control option, Network-compatible. Speaker management system 4-in/ 6-out.
Manifold applications and perfectly adapted amplifiers and DSP Power for all your mobile and fixed installation projects with Fohhn speaker systems.



Intuitive remote control units for operating Fohhn audio systems via laptop, 8 button wall panel, standard switches or individual switch panels. Option of integration in media control systems.
Maximum control, remote operation and networking of Fohhn DSP amplifiers, active systems and DSP controllers for all mobile and fixed installations.



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