The AIREA system components

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The AM-50 AIREA Master module is equipped with digital AES/EBU inputs and forms the main link to any digital mixing console, matrix, external sound source or digital audio network. 2U, Power Supply. Central interface with 8 x AES/EBU and Fohhn-Net inputs, plus 8 x digital outputs and power supply for up to 32 AIREA active loudspeakers.



Today’s sound systems are not only expected to deliver perfect audio results. They also need to be simple and flexible to install, compact and elegant in appearance, with high levels of performance capability. Most importantly, they also need to accommodate a digital signal input in order to be networked and remotely controlled. These demands have inspired Fohhn engineers to re-evaluate the current state of audio technology and to follow new and innovative paths of development.

Active loudspeaker concept. Digital Audio Networking Capability.
AIREA is an intelligent, active loudspeaker concept combined with versatile, digital audio networking capabilities. The system has been specially developed for high quality, flexible, forward-looking sound reinforcement applications. The AIREA system consists of state-of-the-art loudspeakers with integrated digital amplifiers and DSP technology, as well as a master module with digital inputs and outputs. Components are linked together via a conventional network cable.

A whole range of applications:
AV-Integration, Iosono 3D-Sound, Broadcast, TV-Studios, Shops, Conference rooms, Theaters, Rental, Churches, Hotels, Bars, Restaurants, High-End Home-Audio and more.

Power supply AC 110-230V~ 50/60Hz
Power consumption 1600W
Power Factor (PFC) > 90 %
Dimensions (WxHxD) 480x88x380 mm
Weight 8.1 kg
Housing Metal housing
Digital audio inputs 8
Digital audio link outputs 8
Audio format AES/EBU
32kHz-96kHz, 16/24 Bit
Audio channels 16
AIREA-Net outputs 8
AIREA-Net performance / outputs 200W
Heat dissipation 108 W, 360 BTU/h, 92 kcal/h
Maximum cable length 100m
Fohhn-Net 2 x RJ45
Protection circuit Softstart
Short circuit
Low power Green Power Standby
Temperature range 0 – 40°
Cooling Temperature controlled fans
Remote control Fohhn-Net
Fohhn Audio Soft
Remote monitoring Temperature
Power supply
Fohhn Audio Soft
Displays Power on/off (standby): blue = on (Front)
Protect: Red (Front)
AIREA-Net active: Green
AIREA-Net error: Red
Fohhn-Net: receive/send

A-2 live Fohhn Digital Audio Interface

The A-2 live has been specially developed to enable a high-quality, trouble-free transfer of digital audio data from a computer to a professional sound reinforcement system.


AIREA 2 x 300W DSP amplifier module. AIREA-Net input, 2 x loudspeaker outputs

AIREA Cable for mobile applications

CAT-5 /AWG 24 network cable for mobile AIREA applications. Roadproof and tread-resistant. Black with Neutrik EtherCON connectors (RJ-45, metal housing).

AES/EBU Adapter Cable (TASCAM Pin out)

25-pin adapter cable D-Sub to RJ-45. For AIREA Masters AM-40 and AM-50 only. (For pin out information please click on the image gallery.)

AES/EBU Adapter Cable (YAMAHA Pin out)

25-pin adapter cable D-Sub to RJ-45. For AIREA Masters AM-40 and AM-50 only. (For pin out information please click on the image gallery.)

AES/EBU adapter cable (for ABX-2 or A-2 live)

Adapter cable XLR to RJ-45. Use only with ABX-2 and A-2 live. For AIREA Masters AM-40 and AM-50 only. (For pin out information please click on the image gallery.)

High Quality Master Module for Digital Audio Network System

Central interface with 1600 W performance capability and power supply for up to 32 active loudspeakers

Developed for dedicated use in a digital audio network system that includes active loudspeakers with integrated digital amplifiers and DSP technology, Master modules and other system components. Control software can be used to access all networked DSP audio devices via this master module.

The unit has a robust metal housing, as well as a temperature-controlled fan for cooling.

Connections: The master module is equipped with eight digital audio inputs and digital audio link outputs, an input and output (both RJ-45 /Neutrik etherCON) for digital remote control signals, a mains connector for power supply, plus eight system outputs for transmitting digital audio signals, control signals and power supply to other system components.

Power supply: AC 110 – 230 V~ 50/60 Hz
Power consumption: 1600 W (max)
Power factor (PFC): > 90 %
Heat loss: 360 BTU/h
Dimensions (W x H x D): 480 x 88 x 380 mm
Total weight: 8.1 kg
Enclosure: Metal housing
Digital audio inputs: 8 (RJ-45)
Digital audio link outputs: 8 (RJ-45)
Audio format: AES/EBU 32 kHz – 96 kHz, 16/24 Bit
Audio channels: 16
AIREA-Net outputs: 8 (RJ-45 / Neutrik etherCON)
AIREA-Net overall output power: 1600 W
AIREA-Net power per output: 200 W (max)
Cable length between system components: 100 m (max)
Fohhn-Net connections: 2 (RJ-45 / Neutrik etherCON)
Protection circuits: Softstart, Overheating, Short circuit, Overload
Low power: Green Power Standby
Temperature range: 0 – 40°
Cooling: Temperature-controlled fan

Remote Control and Monitoring
Remote control: Fohhn-Net, Fohhn Audio Soft
Remote monitoring: Temperature, Protect, Signals, Power supply, Fohhn-Net, Fohhn Audio Soft

Display LEDs
Power on/off (standby): blue = on (front)
Protect: red (front)
AIREA-Net active: green
AIREA-Net error: red
Fohhn-Net: receive/send

Manufacturer: Fohhn Audio AG
Model: AM-50
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