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Beam Steering Technology for Bass Arrays.

Combining multiple subwoofers to form bass arrays is a common practice in modern sound reinforcement. The technique enables subwoofer beam characteristics to be optimised and more precisely directed.

However, the ability to control these beam characteristics in real time via software is completely new and unique. This is achieved using Fohhn Audio Soft 3.3 in combination with Fohhn DSP technology and Fohhn subwoofers. For the user, there are tremendous advantages: Real-time control lets you see the directional characteristics of the beam via software simulation and hear the result at the same time. This ability to simultaneously see and hear what is going on enables effortless and accurate set-up and control of horizontal, vertical and endfire bass arrays.

It’s not necessary to be a system tech in order to appreciate the amount of time that can be saved, especially during live applications, by not having to deal with time-consuming offline simulations and complex calculations.

Electronically steerable bass arrays can be constructed using any Fohhn active subwoofers. If passive subwoofers are used, additional Fohhn DSP-controlled amplifiers or a Fohhn FC-8 controller must also be included. In conclusion: With its amazing performance capability, Fohhn’s new Sub Array technology offers major benefits that help the user save both time and money.

The main facts at a glance:

  • Remote control of the bass frequency range using Fohhn Audio Soft
  • Real-time beam steering in 0,1° increments
  • Build horizontal, vertical or endfire bass arrays
  • Powerful and precise reproduction of bass frequencies
  • Even coverage of audience areas
  • Reduction of troublesome room reflections

Fohhn Audio Soft

Easy, convenient handling. Laptop and Fohhn Audio Software for intuitive control and monitoring of all connected Fohhn audio devices with integrated DSP. Clear graphical user interface for rapid access to the speaker database, status display and all audio devices integrated in the Fohhn DSP.

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