Amp Controller-Series

DSP-Amplifiers + DSP-Controller.

DSP amplifiers and DSP system controller
A perfect solution for demanding fixed installations and mobile applications. Optional remote control. Monitoring function. Network-compatible.

State-of-the-art amplifier technology.
Our active speaker systems and external 19” amplifiers are equipped with state-of-the-art CLASS D technology and were developed to meet the most demanding requirements for audio quality and reliability in fixed installations and mobile applications.

The main advantages of the CLASS D amplifiers are:
the low weight and compact dimensions, outstanding sound quality and a high degree of efficiency that minimises heat development inside the amplifiers considerably compared to conventional analogue amplifiers. The amplifiers require minimal cooling and always operate reliably as a result.

FC-9 DSP system controller.
Automatic calibration function and integrated speaker management system provide maximum protection for amplifiers and speakers.

Digital Amps


2 channel digital amp, 2x 750 W / 4 ohms, 2x 390 W / 8 ohms, integral Fohhn Audio DSP, remote control via Fohhn-Net remote


4+2 channel operation, 4x 1200 W / 4 ohms, 4x 750 W / 8 ohms 2x DSP line out channels for controlling a conventional amplifier Fohhn Audio DSP, display, remote control via Fohhn-Net remote

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Comme tous les amplificateurs Fohhn, le nouveau D-4.1200 peut être piloté et contrôlé via un ordinateur portable, et ce, en temps réel.


2 channel operation, 2x 1500 W / 4 ohms, 2x 900 W / 8 ohms Fohhn Audio DSP, display, remote control via Fohhn-Net remote


FC-9 DSP-System Controller

DSP system controller especially for fix installations, Fohhn Audio DSP, 4in/6out, Phoenix connectors, 8 make contacts for accessing presets, 1HE, remote control, Automatic calibration function for all connected amplifiers (computer aided setup) guarantees maximum protection for both amplifiers and speakers, remote control, integrated Fohhn Audio DSP for each amplifier channel. To configure the FC-9 the Fohhn Audio Soft is indispensable. For connecting the it to a PC the Fohhn-Net Adaptor NA-1 is necessary.

Accessories / Hardware

A-1 live Fohhn® Audio Interface

Le besoin: transmettre directement le signal audio d’un ordinateur vers un système de sonorisation sans perte de niveau ou de qualité du signal. La solution: la nouvelle interface audio A-1 Live de Fohhn.

A-2 live Fohhn Digital Audio Interface

Il est possible d’utiliser directement les signaux audio présents dans n’importe quel ordinateur pour « attaquer » le système AIREA. Cette interface audio ne nécessite aucune installation, et permet de convertir les signaux au format AES/EBU.

Technical documentation for media control programmers

Fohhn-Net protocol



A-2 Live Digital Audio Interface Trouble-free direct transmission of digital audio data from a computer to a professional sound reinforcement system, without any reduction in sound quality or level. Read more...


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