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Made in Germany.

We produce in Germany. Our specialized main suppliers for electronics, wooden cabinets and metals are located in a 100km radius around Stuttgart. The routes of transportation are short. The technical process by which Fohhn products are being manufactured encompasses most modern and environmentally friendly production engineering, carried out with manual labour. All the materials utilized by our employers and suppliers are friendly to our environment and fulfill the strict EU regulations, as a matter of course. For our loudspeaker cabinets for instance, only high-quality wood and aluminum materials are being used. We consciously avoid the use of cheap and environmentally harmful plastic materials. The final assembly and quality control of all Fohhn products is carried out in our plants in Nürtingen and Neuffen.

Fohhn's main focus is the quality, not the price.

We prioritize first-class quality. We prioritize sustainability. Our products are perfectly processed and are therefore highly durable. The average life span or our products is about 5-10 times higher than of a product from the far east. This drastically reduces the need to recycle materials and increases the operators' satisfaction over the years.

We do not prioritize mass.

We are producing „just in time“. Order-oriented. According to the customer's wishes. We do not produce in heaps and only manufacture according to how much is needed. This way we can quickly react to changing demands, regulations or market requirements. To name a negative example: The automobile industry displays a worldwide overproduction of 50% in the year 2009!

Quality control.

Before delivery, every single product undergoes a highly sophisticated quality examination procedure. Only flawlessly operating products are leaving our factory. Therefore we have an extremely low service rate which helps us to avoid unnecessary shippings caused by repairs.

Fohhn's focus is on human beings.

The relationships we cultivate with both our employees and suppliers are based on partnership. Our maxims are honesty, team work and longevity. We require our products to be easy and safe to operate and to represent themselves as problem solvers in the complex world of sound reinforcement and PA systems. For the continuing educations of both our customers and employees we are offering seminars on a regular basis.

We prioritize systems.

During the development phase of a new product we do not only focus on the product at hand, we consider the whole context in which it will be utilized. Our products are always being operated by humans, oftentimes in challenging circumstances like concerts, theaters, conferences etc. For this reason we consider all aspects while engineering and designing a new product; beginning with ease of use, sound quality and operational safety all the way to appealing design, ability to integrate and adapt to different environments, weight, size, transportability and mechanical safety.
Our strong opinion is that excellent results can only be achieved with a well thought out and perfectly tuned sound system. Therefore we offer our customers a complete audio system, constisting of loudspeakers, amplifiers, digital signal processing (DSP), remote control units, as well as software and other accessories. Paired with the expertise, support for planning and service of our engineers a perfectly, long-term profitable sound system can be realized.

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