Best sound at Amphitheatre Nimes using Fohhn line source systems

Les Grandes Jeux Romains – 13.000 visitors, 44 line source systems, perfect sound.

An arena where nothing inhibits the view of the spectacle: 44 Fohhn line source systems provide powerful sound and optimum volume levels.
Fohhn systems used:

  • 24 x LX-100 (6 of them white)
  • 12 x LX-150
  • 8 x LX-61
  • 10 x XT-1
  • 22 x XS-4 Passive
  • 4 x PS-850
  • DI-4.1000 for the LX-150
  • DI-2.4000 for thePS-850
  • D-4.1200 for theLX-100 and XT-1
  • D-2.1500 for the XS-4

French production company Decibel Events has completed this project using a staff of ten people and two days of setup time. We are very happy about the positive feedback from both visitors and organizers. For us, this is a confirmation that sound reinforcement for events of this size can be accomplished in very good quality using Fohhn line source systems.

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