Focus Venue proves impressive at festival in Warsaw

The new Fohhn concert sound system has its Polish premiere at the “Space of Freedom” live show.

In mid-October, as part of the official celebrations to mark the anniversary of Poland’s independence, the “Space of Freedom” festival took place on Warsaw’s Castle Square. More than 20,000 music fans enjoyed a superb show with music from the Tomasz Szymus Orchestra and a number of well-known Polish singers.

The show, which was broadcast on Polish TV, also marked the debut of Focus Venue in the Polish market. FS Audio used the new Fohhn line array systems with Beam Steering technology as the main PA. Fohhn Partners Dysten from Poland and BELI from Wolfsburg, Germany, provided the systems and, together with Fohhn, supported the FS Audio team during setup and tuning.

On each side of the stage, two Focus Venue arrays were flown next to one another – each outer array consisting of four FV-200 low-mid modules and each inner array comprising four FV-100 high frequency modules and two further FV-200s. An additional Focus Venue array served as a delay tower.

In front of the stage, 18 new PS-850 subwoofers were used in a cardioid setup. On each side of the stage, two PT-70 systems were used as outfills and six XT-1 systems as nearfills. Fohhn’s new high performance digital amplifiers were used to power the loudspeaker systems.

The feedback was totally positive. The scenography director praised the design of the systems and the fact that they could be perfectly integrated into her stage concept. After the concert, several audience members directly thanked Front Of House for the outstanding sound quality. Waiters from restaurants adjoining the Castle Square also reported that, for the first time, their guests were able to talk to one another without any problems – while a live concert was taking place!

We congratulate all participants on a successful show.



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